Grazhir :: Crossover :: Kalpa :: 26



Iskra headed upstairs as Pavel turned back to the parlor. Viktor and Harry followed him and were shortly greeting the grandparents. When Iskra returned with Bisera Pavel nodded at Viktor, who produced the sets. “These are a variant of a normal blood-bonded portkey,” he explained. “Each of you needs to get blood on every section of both.”

Bisera looked confused; she just followed instructions and let her mother heal the minor wound afterward. Once all six of them had finished Viktor finished the process and went ahead with snapping the sheets apart and handing them out. “Bisera, to explain a little, say you were knocked unconscious. With a normal blood-key mother could not use hers to whisk you away to safety. With these she could because you’re both bonded to them.”

His sister nodded after a moment, so Viktor continued, “Wear them however you want. Harry wears all his portkeys on his bracelet or boots, for example.”

Viktor’s parents knew about the bracelet, but not the boots, and the others had never actually seen him use any. Subsequently, they eyed him curiously. “I can’t apparate,” he said with a shrug. “I have a lot of portkeys to lug around and it’s preferable that they don’t actually look like portkeys when possible, so people don’t get any funny ideas.”

“All right,” Pavel said. “So we have a place to go. A safe place.”

Viktor nodded. “Yes. It’s—” He looked at Harry for a moment. “Well, I think it’s in Norway. I’m not actually sure.”

Harry laughed quietly and shook his head. “I didn’t think to ask. I was too busy being impressed and then moving everything to our new accommodations. Judging by the views, however. . . .”

“There are four rooms set aside on the second floor, across from ours, for your use,” Viktor informed them. “The family level, if you will.”

“So you’ve already moved,” Iskra said. “All of you?”

“Considering that everyone was there for breakfast I’m going to say yes,” he said. “Tom already lives there—has for quite a while—and Viktor and I decided to move almost straight away. Valdis will be there, too, and I’m sure Serana will be around.” He did not bother to explain further even in the face of the confusion four of them were displaying. He knew Viktor’s parents would understand.

“Wherever it is,” Viktor said, “it’s nowhere near a muggle settlement, so the odds are very much against being confronted with any.”

A siren went off in the distance, causing Bisera to flinch and Iskra and Pavel to exchange another look. “They’re coming more frequently,” she said resignedly.

Pavel sighed heavily. “As much as I dislike the idea of abandoning our home, I think it might be best to relocate for now. The wards should keep the house itself safe.”

“The suites are already furnished,” Harry said helpfully. “If you want to go, bring whatever you think you need or want. Viktor and I will help.”

Viktor grabbed his hand and led him over to the front window. “Let’s let them talk,” he said quietly, easing a curtain to the side and looking out. “Though if they waver I think I might point out that dragons are less likely to attack this house if there aren’t any people here.”

“I heard that,” Iskra said a bit loudly. “And it’s a valid point.”

‘Really,’ he thought, ‘part of the sticking point here is if Pavel’s mother learns of Tom’s identity. But even if the Malfoys were to join us I expect Tom would make it plain to Lucius not to screw things up. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dudley has gone off after Luna already. I wonder how this will affect Luna’s final year, if at all.’

“We’ve decided,” Pavel said a few minutes later, drawing their attention from the window. “We’ll be moving. We’re simply too close to a major muggle population here.”

“All right,” Viktor said. “How would you like us to help?”

Pavel sighed. “Clear out the library?”

“Okay.” Viktor turned to Harry and said, “I’m going to get the trunk.”

He nodded. As soon as Viktor portkeyed away he headed to the library and looked around. His husband showed up a few minutes later, having had to go a much greater distance, and expanded and opened the trunk and mirror. Crates were transfigured and packed, then floated into the work room.

Pavel wandered by at one point and expressed surprise at the trunk, but allowed that it was a good way to transport large quantities of materials. “After this will you stow what the elves have done in the kitchen?”

“Yes, father,” Viktor replied, levitating another set of crates.

They were, thanks to magic and house-elves, ready to go before lunch. Most of what was being transported was inside the trunk and Harry was thankful for this unexpected but very useful application of Tom’s gift.

“All right,” Viktor said, one hand gripping the trunk’s immobile handle. “Time to go.” Even as he said it another siren went off. After some fumbling everyone had their portkeys ready and one by one they left. “Rooms are this way,” he said, letting Harry take the lead up to the second floor.

“The four rooms on the the right are available,” Harry said as Viktor set the trunk near the first door. “I’d say just pop into any of them for a quick clean up and meet back here so we can go get something to eat. The basics are there. We’ll unpack the trunk afterward so you have access to all your things?”

Pavel and Iskra nodded and headed through the first door. Harry and Viktor went to their own room to have a quick wash, but before he did so Viktor called for Pelk again to have him warn whoever was on kitchen duty about the additional guests. Harry sent a quick message to Tom and his mother, as well. They regrouped in the corridor and led the others down to the dining room, and soon enough everyone was seated and being served.

“This is all very impressive,” Pavel said to Tom.

Tom inclined his head briefly. “I had a lot of spare time on my hands. Building the place was a challenge.”

“You built this?” Bisera asked, looking a little overwhelmed. “By yourself?”

Tom nodded. “Oh, I had some minor help from my elves, but yes. It’s fully warded, in layers. Even the suites have their own individual warding sets. If any of you would like to assist with getting the greenhouse functional, we would appreciate it. We have four levels to plant, plus the decisions of what to plant.”

Bisera shuddered and grabbed another piece of garlic bread before tackling her lasagne again.

Harry shot an amused look at Viktor. “I’m sure Severus and I can decide on most of that,” he offered.

“There’s enough room for both food and ingredients,” Severus replied. “And we’ll need both in order for me to continue teaching you, Harry.”

“Plus alchemy,” he added. “Though we can still harvest some of those in situ because they won’t grow in a greenhouse.”

“Alchemy?” Pavel’s mother asked.

“Yes. It’s not quite the same discipline that someone like Flamel is famous for, though. It’s something of a hybrid between that and Potions. The biggest advantage is you can mix things up anywhere so long as you have a few tools on hand, but there are only a handful of combinations I even bother making.” To try to shift the subject from something he was not willing to expand on just yet he said, “Did you even name this place, Tom?”

Tom looked up and smirked at him. “Skyrim.”

He just stared for several long moments, then erupted into laughter, his mother joining him. “All right, then,” he replied after he got himself under control.

Tom, still smirking, said, “You and Viktor left before we could do the bonding on those rings, so be sure to take care of that. They’re already enchanted against summoning. You’ll have to fit practice in where and when you can.”

It was about then that Iskra noticed just about half the people at the table were all sporting rings on their index fingers and asked about them.

“An alternative to wands I managed to get working not long ago,” Tom said. “None of us have had much in the way of practice with them yet. I’m willing to make more, if any of you would like sets.”

Talk switched at that point into discussion of Grindelwald’s attacks and that carried them through the meal. Severus seemed impatient to get started on the greenhouse so Harry wandered off with his stepfather for a discussion of needs and yields and fertilization. Iskra and Kalina, Pavel’s mother, came with them, as both were interested in Herbology.

“So, less sun-loving plants in the center planters,” Harry said. “They’ll still get plenty of light, but they’ll be shielded at sun’s height.”

“I think,” Iskra said thoughtfully, “the normal vegetables down here, since it’s the largest? Upper floors can be ingredients, with the ones requiring a lot of light at the top. I am assuming there are temperature regulation wards to go with the natural heat through the glass.”

Severus nodded and produced a fountain pen and some parchment. He spread that out on one of the work surfaces and started sketching out the available beds for each floor so they could decide the plantings. Once that was done they returned to the fortress. Viktor was already hard at work unloading the trunk so Harry gave him a hand. By dinner the various Krums were more or less moved in and the trunk was returned to its proper home.

“Have you gotten in contact with Luna?” he asked Dudley after they were all seated around the table.

“Yes. She’s awfully close to muggles, but they haven’t seen much activity. I already brought her and Xeno a portkey set just in case. Her father was all dithery over his press.”

“Any other news?” he asked, a brow going up meaningfully.

Dudley blushed and shook his head. “I haven’t quite gotten around to that yet.”

Petunia clicked her tongue. “She will if you don’t. You know it’s true.”

“She told me that herself, in a manner of speaking,” Harry said, nodding.

Dudley blushed harder. “All right, all right. Don’t rush me.”

Petunia and Lily rolled their eyes in perfect unison and shook their heads.

Off to the side Pavel and Tom were quietly talking about enchantments, amongst other things.

Once dinner had been eaten Pavel collected the grandparents and Bisera and informed them they would have having a meeting in his and Iskra’s suite that evening. Harry exchanged a look with Viktor, then sidled over to Tom as the Krums exited. “So, uh. . . ?” he asked just as an elf Tom was speaking with popped out.

“They’ll be having a discussion about the other factors in this eruption, most of which center around you. I’ve had a pensieve sent up, which means we may have a slight emergency on our hands when Pavel’s mother has a heart attack over my full identity.”

Harry grimaced; he was glad he did not have to be present. “Okay. I’m just going to go, er, practice, then.”

Viktor followed him out to the practice hall. Harry took the time to bond the rings to himself before starting in. It didn’t take much before he was sick of the whole thing, but he made a lot of progress. All those years of other work were standing him in good stead. “I am so tempted to whine,” he said as they walked to their suite.

Viktor chuckled and slung an arm around his shoulders. “Chin up. You will probably get this the fastest of any, except perhaps Tom.”

“Yeah. I can’t complain in any case. I know perfectly well that Tom came up with these because of me. Us, yes, but. . . .”

“You,” Viktor said. “He does most things with you in mind. I guess he changed one obsession for another.”

Harry shuddered and elbowed his husband playfully. “That sounded sick,” he said, wrinkling his nose.

Breakfast the next morning was strange in several ways. For one thing Luna was there. He wondered if she had arrived the night before or just decided on a whim to pop in for breakfast. For another, four members of the Krum family had a bit of a shell-shocked air about them and cast quizzical or odd looks at various people around the table. Kalina kept shaking her head slightly, as though she still could not quite assimilate the details of the revelations.

For yet another, the papers let them know that large parts of London had been blown to bits, but not anywhere near the Ministry or Diagon Alley. The same was true, however, of other countries. Germany, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, and more were reporting multiple explosions in the same cities their ministry buildings were housed, but not in the immediate areas.

Draugr had been seen by the muggles. They reacted either by running the hell away or attempting to make things like Molotov cocktails to set the horrors aflame, which was doing little for the surrounding territory. Those with firearms (such as those licensed for their use for hunting) used those, as well, but were generally warned off by law enforcement and military personnel. The dragons, well, those were being seen with increasing regularity, but since they were going after muggles the magicals in each nation were taking a hands-off policy. The obliviation teams were next to useless in terms of keeping the statute intact.

“So, any plan of action?” Viktor asked after pushing his plate back. “I don’t even know where to begin.”

“His people or his power base,” Luna said. “He’s not exactly being subtle when it comes to the muggles, but magical deaths have been more or less incidental. Smaller communities are faring a lot better, and many of those have their own gardens and some have animals, so they aren’t panicking so much over the local grocery having slow or no resupplies. Maybe I should write Charlie to see if the dragons at the reserve he works at have all taken off.”

“Charlie. . . ?” Lily asked.

“Weasley,” Severus answered. “Second son, works at a reserve in Romania.”

“Oh, right,” she said. “I remember them, now. Edward seems tight with the youngest boy.”

Severus made a mildly disgusted noise as Tom nodded and said to Luna, “It can’t hurt. Maybe if we can get a handle on where they’re all perching when not flaming towns to ash and eating people we could perhaps thin the herd.”

Serana walked in with Valdis and nodded at everyone. “I’m going to make the rounds shortly, find out what I can from my fellows.”

“Oh,” Luna said. “Could I trouble you to start in Romania, then? I have a letter for someone there and it’d take so much less time if you sent it once you were in the country. They’d probably get all twitchy if you showed up in person, though.”

Serana nodded agreeably. “Very well,” she said, and Luna dashed off.

“Well, it would be nice to verify one way or the other if Grindelwald has actually converted Nurmengard back to a stronghold,” Tom said.

“It’s one of the things I can ask about,” Serana said.

“I could ask Lucius to try liaising with the veela.” Tom looked a bit doubtful when he said it. “Not at all sure about the goblins.” He turned to Harry. “Were you able to get anywhere checking symbols?”

“Not done with the Aedra yet, but I saw symbols for all the Daedric Lords.”

Tom got that look on his face again, the one saying he was paging through memory, then shook his head. “I don’t seem to have bothered storing anything much in that sense, so you’d have to visit one of the banks to see.”

“Well,” Viktor said, “we can go a little later. If there’s anything we need to get, such as for the greenhouse, we can do so at the same time.”

“Very well. So—” Tom stopped and leaned back in his chair, staring at the ceiling. “Information gathering, practice, the greenhouse. Maybe some animals.” He tilted his head forward and looked at Pavel. “And those enchantments?”

“Yes. As unorthodox as it is, we will accept them. Seeing Viktor and Harry shake off such a vicious breath attack by that dragon is more than enough reason.”

Tom nodded and sat back up. “All right. Severus, please get a list to Harry and Viktor. After that we can do the implants. Serana, you know what kinds of things to ask about. Dudley, practice with the rings and mastery. Petunia, you keep on with yours. Lily, practice of whichever kind, but don’t overdo it. I’d be happier if you kept Mary with you just in case. Harry, Viktor, after you two get back you can either go for the greenhouse or practice, whichever makes more sense. Severus should be done helping me by then, but I don’t know if Viktor likes to get dirty.”

Harry snorted and dropped his head, bringing a hand up to cover his eyes as his mother huffed and said, “Tom, really.”

“One of these days,” Viktor said, “I will be the one embarrassing one of you.”

“I look forward to it,” Tom declared, his eyes bright with amusement.

Severus got up and said, “I’ll be back shortly with a list,” before wandering off, and Luna returned, handing an envelope to Serana.

“I’ll find a carrier as soon as I get there,” Serana promised.

“Thank you,” Luna said, then resumed her seat next to Dudley.

When they did arrive at the bank Harry had a keen eye out for any sign of affiliation with one of the Daedric Lords; and he realized, as he looked around, that it was everywhere. The weapons on the walls, though some were pikes, or axes, or hammers, or even short swords, were dominated by maces that greatly resembled one known symbol of Malacath.

At the desk for vault visits he purposely brought his left hand up to scratch the right side of his jaw, watching the goblin there closely without appearing to do so. The goblin tensed up before calling for an escort and they were shortly riding the rails on the way to the vault Tom had given him a key for. “Interesting,” he commented, mindful of their escort.


“I have to wonder if knowing it will help.”

“I admit I fear another test may be in the offing.”

Harry groaned softly. “If so, I can only hope you can be with me. I really don’t want to do that alone again.”

The cart rolled to a stop and the goblin hopped out. “Vault 1216.”

Viktor stepped out and extended a hand, assisting Harry, who then handed over the key. The goblin tore his eyes away from Harry’s hand and examined the key, then pressed it into an indentation on the vault door. A clicking sound could be heard, at which point the goblin nodded and reached up to run a long nail down the center of the door. After numerous additional clicks the door split and swung open, revealing stacks upon stacks of coins.

Harry checked the list from Severus; his stepfather had included an estimated cost. “All right,” he muttered, tucking the list away again, then stepped inside long enough to secure the money they would need. After exiting he nodded to the goblin and waited until the key was returned to him before getting back in the cart for the ride to the surface.

Outside the bank he sighed. “Let’s go shopping.” An hour later they were back at the fortress and unloading their purchases in the greenhouse. Their arrival must have been noticed for it was only a few minutes later that several people joined them, including Draco to Harry’s surprise.

“We were, er, invited,” Draco said, eyes shifting to the side for a moment, “to visit and obtain some protection.”

Ah. “And you’re in here because you’re just dying to help start setting things up?” he asked, politely ignoring that the blond’s complexion was tinged green.

“Of course,” Draco said grandly. “You know how much I love rooting around in the soil.”

Right. He made a copy of the plan Severus had made and handed it over to Draco, then glanced at the original. A minute later he was hefting a sack of mooncalf dung over to a planting bed and doing some mixing.

Lunch was a little odd with the Malfoys present. Draco was eyeing Bisera as if he had never seen her before, which was also odd. During the course of some rather generic conversation he noticed that Luna had an odd, knowing smile on her face.

“Severus is giving you that teaching look,” Viktor whispered after leaning closer. “I’ll let Tom know what happened at the bank, all right?”

He nodded. When lunch was over he was whisked away to do Potions; Draco decided to accompany them, which prompted him to ask just what Draco was planning to do with his life.

“I don’t really know,” Draco replied. “I love quidditch, but if I’m being honest I’m really not good enough to play professionally. Father wouldn’t mind seeing me have some influence at the Ministry, but that sounds awfully boring to me. Maybe if I hadn’t transferred to Durmstrang and had a lot of nonsense knocked out of my head it might sound more appealing.”

“Potioneer?” he asked, weighing porcupine quills until he got the amount he needed. “Supplier? Metal charmer? Curse breaker? Breeder of rainbow-hued puffskeins?” He found the right knife and began chopping the quills into regular pieces so they would dissolve evenly.

Draco snickered after a pause. “Father would flip if I tried being a curse breaker. It’s too dangerous.”

He looked up, glanced at Severus and back at Draco, and said, “And what’s happening out there right now isn’t?”

“Malfoy Manor is well away from any muggles, Harry,” Draco replied. “They’ve been avoiding the area for so long I doubt any of them even feel a twinge of suspicion over it.”

Harry closed his eyes for a moment. He cleaned his knife and started on the next ingredient he could prepare ahead of time. “Draco,” he said softly, “that may be true. But what happens if someone you care about isn’t so well protected. Do you just sit back and hope? Or do you jump in to help, possibly risking your life?”

Draco frowned. “You’re doing it again.”

“I know.”

He spent the evening with Viktor, working with his rings, and gratefully sank into the tub in their bathroom after they were done. Viktor joined him, slipping in behind him and pulling him back into an embrace. “Mm. So you told Tom?”

“He got that look on his face when I did,” Viktor said in answer. “Then he pulled a few books from the shelves in the library and told me we should read them. There is something of import in there somewhere.”

“Ah, one of those things he indexed and didn’t actually store. Got it.” He grabbed his net sponge and loaded it with soap. Viktor snatched it out of his hand and began lathering him up, so Harry just relaxed and enjoyed. That is, until Viktor’s other hand slid around to palm Harry’s cock and begin stroking it. His immediate response, aside from his head going back to rest on Viktor’s shoulder, was to attempt to spread his legs, not an easy thing to do in a larger than usual yet normally-shaped tub.

Viktor “helped” by lifting each of Harry’s legs in turn and draping them over the sides. Thank heavens the tub was padded to a degree, partly to prevent slipping, but partly because some people presumably had bony asses. Or perhaps Tom just thought it was a proper luxury. All Harry knew was that his tailbone wasn’t complaining and Viktor had gone back to a dual attack of cleaning and slowly stroking him.

He was dying when Viktor set the sponge aside and reached over the side for his wand. A moment later that spell was being used. The wand clattered to the floor and Harry found himself being lifted up and repositioned. His brain cleared a little, enough to realize what he needed to do, so he scooped up a handful of suds and reached back between them awkwardly and stroked his husband’s penis to coat it with slipperiness, then guided the head to his anus.

Viktor lowered him with agonizing slowness, knowing that a lack of preparation meant some measure of pain for Harry, but soon enough he had bottomed out. Viktor slid down a little, bracing his feet against the end of the tub, and buried his face in Harry’s neck, hands sliding over his torso. They stayed like that for a short time, just reveling in the intimacy.

Then Harry very reluctantly whispered, “You know it won’t work well like this.”

“I know,” Viktor replied against his neck. “It still feels wonderful.”

He wriggled teasingly, laughing softly when a flurry of movement suddenly saw him on his knees, hands gripping the sides of the tub. He knew his husband was quick, but that was a magic all its own. There was a pause, and then he realized that the surface beneath his hands had changed in texture. He smiled, knowing his hands wouldn’t slip, then lost that smile when Viktor drew back and slammed into him.


“Oh, you have got to be kidding me,” he said wearily. “The whole reason the goblins have such sticks up their asses is because we started it?”

“Seems so.”

“Some idiot wizards messed up their royal family, stole their crown, caused mayhem amongst the clans, and made them ripe for a war they had not enough direction in because they lost their heart and, naturally, lost the war; and every subsequent war.”


“And probably the best way for us to secure their help—or at least their agreement not to hinder us—is to find that crown and return it to them.”


Harry dropped the book on the table and sighed.

“And the best part,” Viktor said, “is it’s the British who stole it and probably have it hidden in their Department of Mysteries.”


Harry looked over to see Tom leaning against the wall, arms and ankles crossed. “What?”

“They hold their prophecies there,” Tom said.

“Is that a not so subtle hint that you’d like to go along and do a little browsing?” he asked.

Tom shrugged. “Why not? There’s no reason why we couldn’t take a short stroll through the Hall of Prophecy.”

Viktor frowned. “Is that wise?”

“What do you mean?” Tom said, brows raised in surprise.

Viktor’s eyes narrowed, making his gaze seem all that more piercing. “While it is true that knowing part of a prophecy led to the events of that night, and even to where we are now, would it not be better to just destroy the damn things? Say you find it, successfully smuggle it out, and listen to it. What then? What if it says something you’d rather not hear? What if hearing all of it locks certain paths into place? I’d sooner trust one of those Elder Scrolls Valdis and Serana spoke of. Those at least seem to give something specific, a place, or an action, not possibly mind-twisting babble that can send you off in entirely the wrong direction and get you to effectively slit your own throat.”

Harry was impressed to see that his husband looked defiant as he stared at Tom.

Tom broke off the staring contest, his jaw tightening. “You are worthy of him,” he whispered, something Harry only heard because he was close enough.

Viktor’s eyes widened into confusion. “What?”

“You have a point,” Tom said at a normal volume. “If we end up in that room we can destroy them. The point to going is to seek out that crown.”

Harry exhaled a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. “You had a man in the department, right?”

Tom glanced his way and nodded. “Rookwood. He told me all sorts of interesting things about the place. Getting in there shouldn’t be much of an issue.”

“Okay,” he said slowly. “Find the crown and get the hell out, possibly destroying the prophecies on the way out? We have the advantage of the bracelets, so it’s not like anyone would actually see us, scent us, or—” He couldn’t actually think of a word for detection of body heat aside from thinking the Homenum Revelio charm would be useless.

“And try to avoid killing anyone,” Viktor said.

Tom rolled his eyes. “No sense of adventure, this one.”

Harry sighed. “Tom, is there a better time to go, or do the researchers there wander around at all hours?”

“According to Rookwood, at approximately 3am everyone present in the department gathers to divine messages from the pattern of smudge marks on the tank in the brain room.” There was a long disbelieving pause, then Tom said, “That was a joke.”