Grazhir :: Crossover :: Kalpa :: 19



Harry’s sixth year was much more relaxed overall. True, he still had plenty of classes and practice, of magic and magicka and weapons, but the lack of sheer strain in trying to keep up with the wand classes was a huge weight off his shoulders. On the other hand, that first evening after class, Draco was quick to bring the subject up, though he was obviously trying to inject some delicacy into things.

Harry gave the blond a steady look, not having foreseen this for some reason, and wondering if he should decline to answer, lie (not his favorite option), or be honest. He finally decided to give some of the truth. “I’m not a very strong wizard,” he said matter-of-factly, “so continuing with wand classes would be a waste of my time. I practice what I can outside of class, but there’s no real point in trying to do so for a grade or in preparation for a NEWT.”

Draco frowned. “I—but you always seem so confident and in control of your magic. I never saw anything weird in classes last year,” he protested.

He shrugged. “I work very hard,” he said flatly, seeing that Draco was getting very curious and might start asking questions he definitely did not want to answer. He arched a brow in a way he knew should remind Draco of Tom and was pleased to see the burgeoning questions stick and wither in the blond’s throat. “Suffice to say, core strength is not necessarily a determining factor in how effective or dangerous someone can be. Hard work, knowledge, and creativity count for a lot.”

Draco nodded absently, his eyes going a bit distant. “You always make me think about such weird things.”

“Oh?” he prompted, his expression softening.

“Yeah. You’re making me think about the Hogwarts houses again. I don’t know about the stupidly brave part, but. . . .”

‘Ah,’ he thought. ‘The hard work of Hufflepuff, smarts of Ravenclaw, and cunning of Slytherin.’

“Well, I’m just happy to no longer be there,” Draco finally said. “I’d have preferred to be here the whole time, especially knowing what I do now, but maybe if I had I wouldn’t be coming to certain conclusions, so I guess it works out in the end.”

‘Funny how that kind of echoes my thoughts on my situation with Edward and the trio,’ he mused.

“Okay, I won’t bug you about it, but if you ever want any help or someone to practice with, just ask,” Draco offered.

He smiled and nodded. “Thank you,” he said, and was saved from further awkwardness when Dudley and Viktor came in. Draco and his cousin immediately fell into quidditch talk, making Harry wonder if Draco actually wanted a career in it, or just found it an easy option for any conversation. He had taken over Viktor’s seeker spot for Falk the previous year and did a good job, though he was not of Viktor’s caliber. He shook his head slightly and smiled a welcome at his boyfriend.

Viktor tilted his head toward the door, so he grabbed his cloak and the two of them went for a walk. Being so far from civilization meant the night sky was sharp and brilliant with stars and their surroundings held that peculiar kind of quiet he always associated with being out in the cold, especially when snow lay thick on the ground.

When they were a fair distance from the building he said, “I forgot to mention this before, but Severus confirmed that he plans to ask my mother to marry him.”

“He told you . . . to tell you, or to get your okay?”

He blinked at that and thought back. “He was trying to convince me to take the ingredients for free, for the potions. Seemed to think that his intentions made it okay for me to not pay him.”

Viktor snorted.

“Yeah, that was my reaction, too. I told him the one didn’t make the other irrelevant. So, my estimate was off, but he’s confirmed that he intends to ask. Your thought might have bearing, though. I just brushed it aside at the time, so it wasn’t like I warned him off or anything.”

“Perhaps by Yule, then. It would be a bit cliché, I suppose,” Viktor mused.

“I did warn him that mum will probably start a discussion of names, though. She hated his father and wouldn’t want to bear his name. Can’t say I blame her. Though whether that’d mean Severus would take ours or not. . . .”

“It might be a bit strange to possibly end up with siblings at this point.”

Harry huffed a laugh, the fog from his breath obscuring his sight momentarily. “Yes. Yes it would. Oh, wow. I’d be a generation separate from any, though it’d be kind of neat if some of them got his eyes. Maybe one of each?”

Viktor chuckled. “Oh, so you like black eyes, then?”

He squeezed his boyfriend’s hand. “You have black eyes. Of course I like them.”

“And the nose?”

He giggled quietly. “It’s distinguished. And why are you fishing for compliments?”

Viktor ignored the question and said, “Maybe, since you’ve already got black and green, two red-haired children, one with black and one with green.”

He laughed again. “I’ll write home to mum and put in a request. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to know I have certain expectations about her sex life and fertility.”

Viktor laughed with him and then pushed him against a tree they were passing, pressing Harry’s back against the cold trunk and standing right in front of him. “You are my prisoner now.”

Harry smiled in amusement and nodded. He was also feeling turned on, but he wasn’t about to admit that. “I am. Why have you taken me prisoner?”

Viktor just stared at him, reaching up to brush the hair away from his eyes and run his fingers down the side of his face. Harry’s breath caught at the gesture. “Do you want to get married someday?” he blurted out, then blushed hard, wondering what in the hell had possessed him to ask that in such an ambiguous way.

“Someday,” Viktor replied, nodding slightly, his thumb wandering over to brush Harry’s lower lip. “Someone isn’t old enough to be asked yet.” Then he leaned in for a brief kiss. He pulled back and stepped away, holding out his hand. “We should keep moving. Even with the enchantments it’s too cold out to stay still.”

The remainder of their walk went by in something of a daze to Harry. He was pretty sure that his boyfriend had meant exactly what it sounded like, and that he could expect a proposal down the line. They had been a couple for nearly two years and Viktor was nineteen. He was too young yet, but he wouldn’t be once he had finished his NEWTs. Viktor wanted to marry him? He squeezed his boyfriend’s hand and smiled up at him, then asked about how things were going with the mastery program.

Harry wasn’t the least bit surprised to find Viktor waiting when he woke up the next morning, drawing the covers back for him. As they passed into the trunk and through to the suite he wondered if he should key Viktor into the system, though the benefit to doing so at that point was dubious. Pelk met them in the bathroom and handed over the time turner, so they spun back and eventually made it to the kitchen for a hearty breakfast.

The first hour was spent on Occlumency, as usual. But with Viktor there. . . . “Want to spend the morning sparring instead of the usual?” he asked hopefully. Viktor was agreeable, thus they spent the time until lunch, after getting daggers and goggles, working on that, taking short breaks every so often to knock back water and catch their breaths. He was pleased, actually, because going at it for so long meant he was getting better at aiming, not to mention wand casting with his left hand, and he was having to keep fighting even while getting increasingly tired and dealing with blunted reactions.

They stopped shortly before lunch to get cleaned up and he seriously wished he had a tub in there so he could soak. When he grumbled about it Viktor got a funny smile on his face and agreed. “What are you grinning about?” he asked as they sat down to eat.

Viktor snapped out of whatever fantasy he’d been enjoying and said, “I just think it would be interesting to bathe with another person—and slippery.”

Harry picked up some bread and began to butter it, pondering the image that came to mind. It would be an interesting angle on intimacy, and the slipperiness? His thoughts slid right on over to imagining the amusements one could get up to with soap suds as he set the knife down and took up his spoon instead. He shook his head and actually paid attention to what was in his bowl; it seemed Pelk had wrangled the stew recipe from his mother. He managed two bowls of it before he was satisfied, and several slices of the gorgeously crusty bread.

The afternoon was given over to conventional applications of effort and dinner was a fantastic slow-cooked beef roast with carrots, potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, and brown gravy. He actually moaned in pleasure over the combination of spices and flavors all piled onto a wedge of the pudding and dripping in gravy, not to mention that the beef was so tender it practically fell apart when nudged with his fork. “I’ll just have to crawl into the bedroom to get my book,” he muttered as he loaded up his fork again, using his knife to steady it. “It’ll be okay.”

Viktor snickered at him. “Pelk did a fantastic job, I agree.”

He nodded. Pelk was fabulous and he was seriously considering buying the little creature from Tom. He wouldn’t be living with his mother forever, after all, and he had little in the way of knowledge when it came to cooking. The elves had always done it when he still lived in his father’s home, then Aunt Petunia, who prided herself on her cooking, and then his mother joined in. The most he had ever done was “help” when it came to baking biscuits or cakes. Would Pelk be okay with it? ‘I’ll get around to asking,’ he thought, ‘though I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom just told me Pelk is essentially mine anyway and not to worry about it. This way Pelk obeys both of us, not just me.’

He did manage to walk in order to fetch his book, but he was stuffed enough to think longingly of just stretching out and dozing off early. Thankfully he felt mostly normal when bed time rolled around, and thought nothing further of it as he marked his page and set the book down. He was out of the bathroom a few minutes later and sliding under the covers, shortly thereafter joined by Viktor, the candle he had lit casting flickering shadows all around the room.

His hand went almost automatically to his boyfriend’s chest, playing with the hair and “accidentally” brushing Viktor’s nipples and feeling them harden. His hand roamed for a while, getting more and more daring, paying careful attention to his boyfriend’s reactions, until finally he shifted position so he could run his tongue straight up the center of Viktor’s chest. Viktor twitched, hands going out to dig into the mattress beneath them, obviously holding himself back from pouncing.

His boyfriend was ridiculously quiet in comparison to himself, he thought, moving so he could straddle him and attack Viktor’s neck. Hands settled on his back, fingers digging in, then slid down to cup his ass. Harry moaned softly at the feeling and bit down, feeling the muscles under the flesh shift and flex in response and the hands on his ass tighten. He relaxed his jaw and licked instead, slowly making a trail up to Viktor’s jaw, then under his chin. Viktor’s facial hair felt very odd against his tongue, prickly and yet soft as he continued his journey to the other side and went for the neck again.

He could feel the grip of one hand on his ass shift closer to center and a part of him yearned deeply for Viktor to just go for it, but his boyfriend always waited, aside from that initial outburst on the night of the third task, for Harry to give the okay in one way or another. It was then that a thought occurred to him and caused him some consternation. He ran his tongue up to Viktor’s ear, nibbled on the lobe, and whispered, “Do you know of any spells to, er. . . .” He rolled his eyes at his inability to finish that question and kissed just in front of Viktor’s ear, also feeling a sweep of heat at the twitch of Viktor’s cock against his skin. “Because,” he finally continued, pausing to nibble the lobe again, “if you’re up to it. . . .”

Viktor’s hands skimmed up his body and came to cradle his head, and gently guided him to look at his boyfriend directly. “I did some checking,” Viktor said huskily, his gaze steady. “I know of a little something to start things off. I expect it will feel quite strange for you, though.”

He sincerely hoped that meant what he thought it did, because otherwise things could get a bit messy, and not in a fun way. “So no mess?” he managed to ask.

“None of the kind you mean, right,” Viktor replied with a slight shake of his head. He blinked slowly and asked, “What would you like me to do, Harry?”

He hesitated, staring into those fathomless black eyes, and smiled. “I’d really like you to make love to me, Viktor.”

Viktor exerted pressure to bring Harry’s head down and kissed him, softly at first, then with more strength and urgency. He was shortly flipped onto his back and being kissed breathless, with his boyfriend covering his body. The very idea of Viktor being inside him soon made him groan and bring one foot around so he could rub it down Viktor’s leg. When he came the first time it was with Viktor’s fingers sliding around down behind his scrotum, teasingly applying pressure near his anus. It was driving him mad with anticipation, above and beyond the bliss of release.

His boyfriend shifted back up and began kissing him again, cock hard against Harry’s skin and making him ache. “You’re going to drive me to the edge of sanity first, aren’t you?” he asked breathlessly when Viktor pulled back a little.

“Oh yes. That way if I make any mistakes you’ll be too out of your mind to notice,” Viktor teased.

Harry giggled and pulled Viktor’s head back down. He was half out of his mind when Viktor reached to the side and grabbed his wand. The spell cast was non-verbal and caused him to feel the weirdest sensations inside. The wand went back onto the side table even as Viktor continued to feast on his chest and he heard the drawer open next. He kept lubricant in there for his own use (he used to apply a glamour at home to look older before going out to purchase it in town, but now he just made his own), though it had been joined by those potions he’d made under Severus’s supervision.

Viktor moved back up and captured his gaze. “I understand it will be easier on you if—”

“No,” he interrupted. “I want to be able to see you.”

Viktor nodded and kissed him, then looked off to the side and grabbed the bottle of lubricant. A quick push flipped the cap open. Viktor kissed him again, then pulled back so he could squeeze some of the gel onto his fingers before putting the still open bottle on the table. Those dark eyes gazed at him for a moment, then he grabbed the pillow Harry wasn’t using and said, “For under you.”

He suffered a moment of confusion before the resulting image in his head made sense. He took the pillow from Viktor and stuffed it under his ass. Viktor nodded and moved closer again, spreading his legs and shoving his knees under Harry’s thighs. Despite the somewhat awkward disruption Harry was still rock hard and aching. His eyes rolled back when he felt Viktor’s fingers push against him, cool and slippery, and when one nudged inside he couldn’t help but arch up and moan. “I want all of you,” he breathed.

“Patience,” Viktor said softly and nudged a second finger in, his other hand coming to rest on Harry’s leg and squeezing, his thumb stroking back and forth against the softer skin of his inner thigh.

He felt, not pain, but discomfort at the intrusion, and at the same time it excited him beyond measure. He was being opened, slicked up, made to adjust. It greatly appealed to his not-so-secret desire for Viktor to dominate him sexually and made the blood rush under his skin and bring with it another wave of heat. A third finger joined the others and they spread apart, pressing out and shifting. The other hand slid upward to ghost over his cock, causing him to arch again and drive those fingers deeper. “Oh god,” he whispered. “If your fingers make me feel this way I can only imagine—” Viktor brushed over something inside him that made his head snap back and his hands claw the bed. “Oh please.”

Viktor pulled his fingers free and leaned diagonally forward to grab the bottle. More gel ended up on his fingers, which was used to coat his cock. Then he leaned forward and grabbed Harry under the ribs, pulling him up even as Viktor fell back. He was guided to straddle his boyfriend. “This way you can control how fast you take me in. Okay?”

He nodded, breathing heavily, and knelt up a bit. Viktor dropped a hand and he quickly felt the head of Viktor’s cock nudging him. Ever so slowly he pressed down, grimacing and tensing up in pain as the head slipped past the tight ring of muscle. Viktor grabbed his sides and stilled his progress, holding him in place without any apparent strain, giving Harry’s thighs a break.

“Tell me when,” Viktor said.

After a minute the pain eased and he nodded. Viktor’s grip loosened, his hands then just resting against his skin. Harry continued the descent, gazing into his boyfriend’s eyes. The expression on Viktor’s face was more than just one of pleasure. It was something he couldn’t quite place, but it reminded him of when Viktor had him trapped against that tree. He bottomed out seconds later and sighed.

“There are some weird side effects to Occlumency,” he said a few seconds later, relaxing completely and giving an experimental wriggle.

“What do you mean?”

“There’s this analytical part of my brain storing all this up rather methodically to review later,” he replied, flexing his thighs and settling back down.

A brow quirked up and a faint smile touched Viktor’s lips. “Well now, we can’t be having that.” Viktor tightened his grip and rolled them, shoving his knees back under Harry’s thighs as they stabilized and pulling his hands free. He leaned forward, eyes intent, hands grabbing at Harry’s hips and pulling him into a better position with a jerk.

Harry groaned at the feeling and tried to figure out what to do with his hands.


“Oh yes. Please,” he breathed, wishing he could reach far enough to make Viktor move, but then he did, drawing back slowly, pausing, and thrusting forward. And again. “Don’t tease me.” A brow quirked up again, and then Viktor began to thrust for real, the hands at Harry’s hips gripping tightly. “Oh god,” he groaned and latched onto Viktor’s arms, his eyes rolling back when that spot inside was brushed again. Even the soft slap of Viktor’s balls against his ass was spiking his arousal.

“Your heat is driving me crazy,” Viktor said huskily, “the feeling of you around me, accepting me, letting me make love to you.”

“Oh god,” he repeated, wrapping his legs around Viktor as best he could for leverage to make it easier to meet Viktor’s thrusts and trying to ensure that spot kept getting hit. “Harder. That angle.”

Viktor complied, putting even more strength behind his thrusts, gripping his hips with hands like steel, then let go and pushed Harry’s legs farther apart and bent over almost double so he could pull Harry up toward him and capture his mouth in a bruising kiss. Somehow the change made the steady, forceful thrusts even more effective in terms of making his head spin and his hips jerk. His hands roamed his boyfriend’s skin, one going to the back of Viktor’s neck and into his hair. Viktor jerked him again, releasing his mouth, and running his tongue down over Harry’s chin to tongue his Adam’s apple.

He could feel his body starting to wind up; Viktor’s body shifting rhythmically against his cock while driving into him was slowly but surely pushing him to the edge. “So close,” he breathed, and Viktor went for his neck and then his mouth. A hand slid down between them and started stroking his cock, with just that touch of roughness.

“Viktor,” he moaned, head going back, cock pulsing and shooting semen between their bodies.

His boyfriend groaned low and long and latched onto his neck again, hips jerking erratically. All movement ceased a span of seconds later, Viktor’s teeth loosening their grip. Harry felt the abused spot be licked, and then his mouth was being sought again for a fairly gentle series of kisses. “I love you, Harry,” Viktor whispered against his lips.

His heart seized for a moment. “I love you, Viktor,” he breathed, kissing him again. They continued to kiss lazily, heartbeats slowing down to normal, Viktor softening inside him. Viktor pulled him more upright, sitting back, then carefully lifted Harry up so he could slip free. It felt very strange indeed. Moments later Viktor had maneuvered them so that he was draped over his boyfriend, almost straddling him. They fell asleep that way.

Pelk had an awful time waking the two and was visibly distressed by the time Harry was coherent enough to really look at the little creature. He inhaled sharply and shook Viktor. “We need to get up!”

Viktor made a grumpy noise and slowly sat up, then grimaced slightly. Harry himself was realizing that they hadn’t even bothered to clean up before they drifted off and wrinkled his nose. Hell, they weren’t even positioned right; their heads were at the foot of the bed.

“Master needs to get up,” Pelk insisted, waving a hand.

Harry felt the stickiness and dried sweat vanish and nodded his thanks, then rolled off the side of the bed. On landing he groaned in pain. “Oh hell.” He yanked the side table open and pulled out a potion as Viktor grabbed clothing and wands. He had time to knock it back before he was being hauled off to the kitchen. By the time Viktor was offering him his sleepwear the pain had subsided, though the stiffness had not.

Dressed, he pulled Viktor into a hug and angled his face up for a kiss, which was granted. “You were wonderful,” he whispered, mindful of the possibility of being overheard by his other self.

“I don’t know,” Viktor whispered back a bit skeptically. “You still seem to have your sanity, so perhaps I did not try hard enough.”

His shoulders shook as he contained his laughter. “Oh, you were hard enough all right.”

Lines formed at the corners of Viktor’s eyes, betraying his amusement, then disappeared. Concern touched his features instead. “Are you all right?”

He nodded. “Some pain, yes, but it’s fine. The potion took care of it. A little stiff. Nothing that won’t work itself out.”

“Okay. You’ll tell me if that changes?” Viktor said seriously.


Pelk popped in and gave the okay, so they headed on out to begin another day.

Yule brought the expected news. He had been home barely long enough to drop his trunk off when his mother bundled him into a heavy cloak and dragged him off for a walk. “I’m going to guess he proposed?” he asked dryly.

“Yes, he did. Then we had a fight about names.”

Harry snickered. “So what was decided?”

She held his arm tighter as they passed by an icy patch. “He’s taking our name, but he’s dropping his middle one in favor of Prince.”

He nodded. “Makes sense. He leaves behind both reminders of his father that way. Does it bother you that he’s still technically Tom’s minion?”

“Eh, not really. In some ways it provides him protection from Dumbledore.”

He furrowed his brow, trying to figure that one out. He finally conceded and said, “I don’t get it.”

“Severus was cleared of any charges, honey, though it’s true that was mostly on the strength of Dumbledore’s word. But still, he’s clear. He didn’t have to stay and let himself be talked into teaching Potions, but he really had no idea what to do with himself at that point. He knows now that Tom isn’t a raving psycho, though I expect he more than once suffered a phantom heart attack seeing how you and I interact with Tom.”

Harry laughed. “I think the word you want is irreverent.”

His mother giggled at him. “Sure. Tom isn’t going to let Severus twist in the wind. They’re not friends or anything silly like that, but he would stand up for him against Dumbledore. He might be mine, Harry, but he still belongs to Tom.”

He thought about that as they rounded a curve and entered the woods proper, eyes taking in the layer of snow sparkling in the sun and making the trees glitter. It was a muffled sort of quiet broken only by the crunch of snow under their boots. “Sounds kind of like his duties these days include being part of the home defense,” he commented.

“Sort of, I suppose. But that’s secondary and he’d do it anyway. You don’t really think Severus wouldn’t defend us all? He’s become rather fond of you, actually,” she confided, “even if you do look unfortunately like your fa—sperm donor.”

Harry snorted. “This isn’t going to be a massive affair, is it? Because that would be weird.”

“No, no. Neither of us wants that. Viktor will be invited, of course. His parents if you think they’d come.”

“Oh, well I’ll ask him what he thinks. Mrs Krum seemed to get on with you just fine, even if Mr Krum is awfully quiet. He spoke a lot more when it was just me with the three of them that day, but even then he was pretty reserved.”

She shrugged. “And some people find it hard to open their mouths without sarcasm spilling out. Anyway, this summer, okay? Before Viktor has to return to Durmstrang. And speaking of Viktor. . . .” She looked at him inquisitively.

“He’s fine, mum, thank you for asking.”


“Oh, right. He’ll be here in a week,” he added, trying not to laugh.

His mother growled at him.

“I asked him something a while back, when we were talking about the possibility of you and Severus getting married,” he said. “It came out so ambiguously and I was really embarrassed once I realized how I’d said it.” He steered them down the right-hand fork of the path.

“Yes?” she said impatiently.

“I asked him if he wanted to be married someday. He had me backed up against a tree at the time and was touching my face.”

Lily giggled delightedly. “I’m thinking the red on your face right now isn’t just the cold, Harry.”

He was very tempted to snatch some snow off nearby foliage and use it against her. “Yes, well, he agreed on the someday part and then followed up by saying that someone wasn’t old enough yet to be asked.”

“I am glad to see he’s not rushing,” his mother said soberly. “Not that it would normally be rushing after two years, but, you know.”

He nodded and eyed her sidelong for a moment. “I swear, sometimes it’s like talking with my older sister and not my mother.”

She laughed and squeezed his arm. “Oh, Harry, you’ll always be my son. I think Petunia and I did a fine job. But you’ve always been ridiculously mature and reliable, and relationships do evolve.”

Harry considered that and nodded. “Okay.”

“Now, about Viktor,” she said, and Harry just laughed.