Grazhir :: Crossover :: Kalpa :: 18



Harry struggled for a moment against his boyfriend’s hold, then said softly, “Lie back down.”

Viktor groaned and released him, then flopped onto his back. Harry grinned and sat back up, then leaned over his boyfriend and ran his tongue along Viktor’s cock again. One hand went out to grasp the shaft so he could suck the head into his mouth. Viktor thrashed beneath him and arched his hips, forcing his cock deeper into Harry’s mouth, accidentally choking him. He backed off quickly, coughing.

“Sorry, I’m sorry,” Viktor whispered.

He shook his head. “It’s okay. I didn’t expect any of this to go perfectly.” He leaned back in, then paused. For such a skinny man Viktor seemed awfully big. His tongue came out again, lazily gliding, then his hand, to grasp. He took his boyfriend’s cock in his mouth again and tried to do the things he thought he himself would enjoy. It really did not take long. Viktor was gasping and twitching under him like he was being continuously shocked and his hands were claws against the sheets. And then he came and Harry was afraid he would choke again. He pulled back a bit, still moving his hand, capturing his boyfriend’s semen in his mouth. The taste was . . . interesting.

Eventually he curled up against Viktor, careful to stay away from his cock. He knew from experience just how sensitive that part of a man’s anatomy could be after orgasm, after all. He just idly stroked his boyfriend’s chest, considering what he’d just done. One of the things he did not get from Tom was memories of sex. Either the man had never bothered in his pursuit of power, or those had been censored somehow from the mind of a one year old. Harry listened as Viktor’s rapid heartbeat slowed, as his breathing evened out, just letting his mind wander, and was subsequently surprised when Viktor moved.

He found himself on his back again with his boyfriend looming over him. “I think it’s my turn to explore,” Viktor whispered, and Harry could only nod dumbly. Viktor did not go straight for the end game, however, and instead started by kissing Harry until he was breathless, then went for his neck and ear, nipping and sucking carefully.

He squirmed, but Viktor was much stronger than he was and easily held him in place. That mouth sought downward, to his chest, and Harry truly began to understand what Viktor had meant by saying Harry was killing him. It seemed an age before Viktor had shifted far enough down to address Harry’s very real problem, and then he felt all over again that he might die soon if his boyfriend didn’t—“Oh,” he gasped and drew in a long, shuddering breath.

It was the last decent one he had for a while. His breathing quickly went haywire at the feel of Viktor’s warm tongue and mouth on him, his head was swimming, he was dizzy, and—“Viktor,” he cried, hands flying into position in his boyfriend’s hair. “Vik—tor. Oh god.”

Viktor moved away a minute later, flopping onto his back and pulling Harry to him. “Doing that felt almost as good as experiencing it,” Viktor whispered.

He hummed in agreement. “It was wonderful,” he replied softly. “You know, I think I’m in love with you.” He could hear Viktor’s heart skip a beat and then thump once extra forcefully before settling back into a normal rhythm.

“I’ve been in love with you for a long time now,” Viktor replied. “I was in serious like with you for a long time, which always confused me because of your age. It kind of made me think something was wrong with me. And then there was the mystery that cropped up at the beginning of seventh year, making it even more complicated for me. Still, I decided I wanted to try, and you were a bit older by then and seemed interested, even if you didn’t really understand.”

“Then I guess it must have helped,” he said, “when the mystery was revealed, and later when the really huge secrets got shared.”

“Oh yes. That made it much easier to reconcile things in my head. And even your struggle. There is much to admire there.”

Harry began playing with Viktor’s chest hair. “Are you worried? I’m supposed to go up against some dark lord at some point and we still don’t have a clue who it might be.”

“Yes, I’m worried. But there you are, still coming up with ways to better protect yourself, to further your studies. And you aren’t alone anyway. You have your mother, and Tom, and Serana. Probably Severus and Dudley. Makes me glad I decided on trying for a mastery as my fall back option.”

He smiled and decided to lighten the mood. “I’m a little jealous that I’ve spent so much time strengthening myself to use that bow and you still flip me around and hold me in place like I’ve got wet noodles for muscles.”

Viktor laughed softly. “I’ll tell you a secret.”

“Yes?” he replied, curious, his fingers stilling their movements.

“I like being able to flip you around and hold you in place,” Viktor said, holding him closer for a moment.

“You big brute,” Harry teased. “Sorry, you big skinny brute.”

Viktor growled playfully and flipped him onto his back again, then leaned in for a kiss. “Ha, I am wiry, not skinny.”

Harry giggled. “I notice you didn’t dispute the brute part.”

Viktor kissed him again. “I was getting to that,” he protested. “And I can hardly be a brute when you so obviously enjoy my strength.”

“Oh, damn,” Harry replied with mock chagrin. “What gave me away?”

“Hm, let me think,” Viktor replied slowly. “Maybe how you get twice as excited when I get ‘brutish’?”

He blushed, not realizing it had been quite that obvious. “Well, maybe a little.”

“Mm,” Viktor hummed, somehow sarcastically, one brow rising up.

“Okay, a lot,” he admitted.

Viktor rewarded his truthfulness with another kiss. Harry reached up to keep him in place and parted his lips, inviting more. Viktor responded and was soon kissing him breathless again, shifting to cover Harry’s body with his own. He could feel and welcomed that sweep of heat that rushed up his body as his boyfriend violated his mouth, and his other hand slid down Viktor’s back to his ass. He squeezed, that analytical part of him cataloguing how Viktor reacted, while the rest of him eagerly participated in the rousing kiss he was sharing with his boyfriend.

When Viktor went for his neck he whispered, “I can’t wait until I can feel you inside me,” then groaned when he was bitten, rolling his head to the side and arching his hips, badly wanting to feel that friction again. “Yes,” he managed to continue, “how it feels, with that bit of roughness I like so much—oh!” Viktor had begun to grind and thrust, shocking the air from his lungs. “It—already feels so good—but you inside—oh!—so strong—”

Viktor sought out his mouth again as his hips began moving faster and Harry started losing his mind again, the heat of blood rushing under his skin making itself felt even more strongly. He felt so dizzy and his heart was hammering away madly. And then Viktor did that move, introduced that roughness, and Harry was lost, his head snapping back, crying out his boyfriend’s name raggedly.

Several minutes later Viktor pulled away enough to reach for his wand and cast a cleaning spell on each of them. Harry could hear the quiet sound of the wood clicking against the side table, then his boyfriend rolled, pulling Harry with him. Viktor used a foot to hook the coverings and draw them up high enough to grab so they could get properly situated again, then said quietly, with more than a hint of amusement, “I had no idea you liked to talk dirty.”

“Neither did I, actually,” he said, snuggling closer. Before he even realized it he was asleep and waking back up at Pelk’s insistence. The candle had long since gone out—or Viktor had stayed awake long enough to use his wand to extinguish it. “Oh,” he said bemusedly.

The two of them threw on some clothes quickly and hustled into the kitchen. As soon as Pelk showed back up and gave the okay they headed out of the trunk to get ready for the day. Viktor was almost out the door to head for the guest room when he stopped, a slight frown on his face.

“What is it?”

Viktor smiled and reached up to rub his thumb against Harry’s neck. “I seem to have left some evidence.”

His hand flew up to cover Viktor’s, then grabbed him and hauled him back into the trunk so he could use the mirror as an actual mirror. There on his neck were “love” marks; one in particular was right where Viktor had bitten him after he had brought up penetration. “I’m surprised the enchantments haven’t healed it already,” he commented, then shook his wand out and cast a simple illusion to cover the damage. He turned a little and inspected the other side. “Okay,” he said. “We start checking from now on.”

Viktor nodded and pulled him away from the mirror and into a kiss. “Okay.”

With no obvious evidence no one said anything at breakfast, though he did catch his mother eyeing him with a vague sort of curiosity. He and Viktor went to visit in the sepulcher afterward and have a little practice fight with Serana, and things continued on more or less as usual until Severus arrived the next regular day for lunch. He and Harry went off for another Potions lesson and while the potion they were working on was quietly bubbling away Harry took a deep breath and said, “There’s something I’ve been wondering about and you seem to be the perfect person to ask.”

A brow went up questioningly before Severus eyed the progress of the potion, one that brewed at that stage for a variable amount of time based on the condition of the ingredients rather than a set time.

“I’m older now, and certain things are on my mind,” he said, embarrassed to realize he could feel heat pooling in his cheeks. “I expect that sometime in the near future my boyfriend and I are going to make love, and I’m a bit concerned about—” He broke off in surprise when he saw that Severus was also blushing, though it was just the merest stain of colour. “Er, pain,” he continued, feeling a bit better. “The aftereffects mainly, because anything during might make things both more and less enjoyable.”

Severus coughed quietly, his gaze firmly on the potion. “I see.” After a moment the man cleared his throat softly and straightened, rather like he was girding himself. “Yes, well, things would be different between two men.”

“Right,” he agreed. “I didn’t really see the point in asking Tom because I expect he’d have sent me to you anyway. He’s my mentor and protector, but you’re, er, becoming something closer to a . . . father, I guess.” He didn’t know that the man was angling for that in any way, actually, but he was already more of one to Harry than James ever had been.

Severus ducked his head for a moment, his fingers on the edge of the counter twitching. He had to wonder if, in addition to being touched in some way by that statement, if the man was debating the pros and cons of facilitating Harry’s sex life. The potion began to change colour and Severus straightened back up, gesturing toward it, so Harry proceeded with the next step, adding the diced frog livers he had prepared earlier and stirring it widdershins seven times. It bubbled briefly and started the slow change in colour from bright yellow to cream.

“I can think of a couple of things offhand,” Severus said slowly as Harry cleaned off the stirrer and set it on its rest. “You should have no trouble brewing them yourself. One for pain and one for any . . . potential complications.”

He frowned. Complications? He wished Tom’s memories covered this, but they didn’t, so he arched an inquiring brow at Severus, who blinked slowly and said, “Potential tearing, internally.”

“Oh,” he said softly. And given that Viktor liked to be a bit rough and Harry liked him to be—“Oh,” he repeated. “Okay, right. Yes, I’d like to know both so I also know what to stock up on and how far in advance to plan.”

Severus nodded. “They are seventh year potions, but I fully believe you’ll be capable of handling them. You’re already through most of what I’d consider sixth year, though I admit I’m not entirely certain of what you’re scheduled to learn this coming year.”

Well, he had that information already and could probably get his hands on the syllabus for seventh year as well. Even so, their text should, in theory, cover things. He called for Mary and, when she arrived, asked, “Do you know where Dudley is?”

“In his room,” she informed him.

“Will you please go ask him if I could borrow his copy of our Potions text? Mine is in my trunk so you can’t get to it. If he says yes will you bring it here, please?”

“Yes, master,” she said and popped away.

While she was gone he saw that the potion had completed its next stage, so he grabbed the next step’s ingredients, a mixture of ground porcupine quills and nettles, and added those in a slow trickle, constantly stirring clockwise. He thanked Mary quietly when she returned and set the book down, and continued the step, finally sitting back to clean the stirrer again and set it aside.

“Our text is done up by year and indexed,” he said, “so that should tell you well enough what I’m coming up on.”

Severus took the book and opened it at the front, running a finger down the page as he read. “All right, seventh year here as well. I’ll make sure you’re stocked here for lessons on those for next time,” he said, closing the book and setting it aside.

“And you’ll let me know what it’ll cost so I have supplies for the year?” he asked, already chopping lemon grass.

“Harry. . . .”

He paused and looked up, knife stilling. “What? You started an apothecary so I expect you’d know prices.”

“You don’t have to pay for them,” Severus said softly.

“Why the hell not?” he asked, frowning. “This is your livelihood we’re talking about. It took you a lot of effort to start your own business and find reliable suppliers with quality stock.”

“. . .I plan to ask your mother to marry me.”

He blinked slowly and said, “Okay, but that’s irrelevant to the issue. You run a business and I’m a customer. And on a side note, expect a discussion about surnames.”

Severus gave him a half-lidded look. “All right. I’ll write up a list of ingredients and their prices and bring that along with the practice supplies.”

Harry narrowed his eyes. “I trust that the prices will be the same as you charge everyone else?”

Severus shuddered for a moment. “There are times when you’re too much like him. Yes, the regular prices.”

He almost smiled at the comparison to Tom, but instead frowned when he realized the potion was almost ready for the next step. He immediately began chopping again. “I’d appreciate that,” he said. “Look, you already give me a lot of your time and expertise. I’m not then also going to take stuff I want for free—not even stuff I need, rather stuff for my sex life. The very idea of it is just plain weird and this conversation is already pretty weird. I mean, okay, James wasn’t good for much other than helping to give me life, but he did have the decency to set up a basic trust for me so I do have discretionary funds.”

“All right. I won’t argue the point.”

When Severus did return the next time it was with the promised list and a new set of supplies. They spent that session making the pain potion multiple times to ensure that he was solid on its creation. Everything Severus deemed good enough was transferred to vials and labeled. The next session involved the potion for damage, and he again ended up with a fair amount to store. That did not stop him from actually visiting Severus’s apothecary, list in hand, to secure the ingredients he would need for the upcoming year. Once they were outside Viktor asked what it was all for.

He waited until they were a ways away before saying, “I had a talk with Severus about later on, asked him what potions I should be making. You know, for pain and whatnot.”

“. . .I’m sorry,” Viktor said, “that hadn’t even crossed my mind. He’s been teaching you, so we’re prepared?”

He nodded. “I have to look at this from a slightly different perspective, so it did come to mind for me, and I asked. I’m confident I can make what’s necessary and now I have the ingredients, too.”

Viktor slung an arm around his shoulders and asked, “And are you going to let me help pay for that?”

He grinned up at his boyfriend. “Well, yes. It’s not all fun and mind-blowing hormonal experiences.”

Viktor chuckled. “How about I pay you back for that since you’ll be doing the work of making them.”

“I can live with that,” he said with a nod. “Hey, I just remembered something, from first year.”

“Oh?” Viktor took the bag from him, saying, “Let me carry that. I wouldn’t want you to strain your noodley muscles.”

Harry laughed and smacked him. “Beast. Anyway, you said we could start taking a class on fighting come sixth year.”

“Yes. I don’t know how much it would help you, though. Bergfalk took the class, I recall. I can write him and ask.”

“Please. If it’s real tactics and stuff I think I might as well give it a shot. But if it’s just some silly bit about formal dueling I won’t bother.”

“I’ll write him as soon as we get back.”

Two things happened when they did arrive back at the house. The first was him and Dudley finally getting their OWL scores. It was supremely irritating to have to wait so long, and he had expected them to arrive much sooner, but they were at least finally in their hands. He had to assume the NEWT student scores took priority and OWL students just had to wait. Dudley ripped his open with enthusiasm and scanned the parchment, then crowed and shoved it at his mother.

“I’m going to guess he did well,” Harry muttered, then opened his own, Viktor looking on over his shoulder. His results were good. While Charms and Transfiguration were only Exceeds Expectations he had somehow managed to pull an Outstanding in Defense and Offense. His non-wand classes were all Outstandings, much to his pleasure.

“Impressive,” Viktor said warmly. “You worked really hard and it shows.”


He looked up to see his mother standing there expectantly, so he handed the parchment over. A smile grew on her face before she stepped close enough to kiss his cheek. “Really well done, honey. I’m so proud of you.”

Petunia looked thoughtful. “One meal each,” she said. “Choose up, lunch or dinner.”

Harry and his cousin exchanged a look. “I’ll take lunch,” he said, knowing perfectly well that Dudley ate more and dinner would make more sense for him.

Petunia nodded when it became clear Dudley was in agreement. “All right. Let us know what you’d like. We’ll do it tomorrow or the next day.”

Harry nodded and turned to leave, mainly so he could get those supplies to his Potions compartment and to write to Draco about his scores. He and Viktor were all of two steps from the door into the hall when Tom appeared with a muted crack.

“Something very strange has happened,” Tom opened with, causing everyone to cluster around in front of him. “Four separate nuclear power plants in Japan have all gone into meltdown.”

“What?” Lily breathed in horror. “Four? Lord knows they have a ton of power plants over there, most of them non-nuclear, but. . . .”

Tom nodded. “I’m hearing that the wizard population over there has been playing a desperate game of damage control without the general populace getting wind of their help. They’ve been trying to create coincidences to help cover their attempts to contain the fallout, to keep it from spreading into the atmosphere.”

Petunia sat down with a thump, one hand covering her mouth, eyes wide and wet.

Viktor, alone amongst them as a pure-blood wizard, seemed at a bit of a loss as to their reactions. Tom noticed and addressed him specifically. “Nuclear power—there’s a kind of radiation associated with it, an invisible force, like some of the types of light from our sun. It can cause birth defects, horrible sores, cancer, and death. Radiation sickness is nothing to treat lightly. Two nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan during World War II and they’re still recovering from that in some ways. Muggles figured out how to turn bombs into power sources and those plants are all over the world, though mostly in America, Europe, and Japan. There was a partial meltdown at a plant in America the year before Harry and Dudley were born.”

“. . .The wizards over there, they know what to do, then?” Viktor asked softly.

“They’ve dealt with it before,” Tom replied.

His mother shook herself and said, “Okay. This is horrifying, but normally I wouldn’t expect to be hearing something like this from you. You’re suspicious?”

“A bit,” Tom said. “It does seem terribly improbable that four plants all started to melt down at the same time. Part of me is wondering if this is some kind of test.”

“A test of what, though?” Harry asked. “Against whom?”

Tom shrugged. “I have no idea. But I’m suspicious. Maybe I’m just paranoid over anything odd or maybe it’s intuition, I don’t know. I’ll be keeping an eye on various papers from around the world now.”

“And I’m going to be finding out exactly what the muggles are using here in Norway,” Lily replied. “Radiation sickness. I wonder if there are any books about magic against that,” she said softly.

Harry’s brow went up and he looked at Tom, stroking his arm where it had been, presumably, cut open. Tom nodded. “I’ll check.” Then he was gone.

A letter came back several days later from Bergfalk. “He says it’s real fighting, but—” Viktor looked up, his expression a bit rueful. “You need to be in NEWT level Defense to take it.”

“Ah, hell,” he whined, dropping his head. After a brief indulgence in self pity he lifted his head and ran a hand through his hair, finger combing it back out of the way. “Well, that settles that,” he said briskly.

Viktor gave him a sad look, but refrained from platitudes, thankfully. “We’ll keep on with our practices. Unfortunately, I’m a bit leery of adding in actual magic aside from healing spells. Well, unless we stick to something like stinging hexes.”

He furrowed his brow and nodded. “We could do that. Those can be fairly painful and raise welts, but they’re unlikely to cause any true damage. And it would get me better used to casting under those conditions and working on my aim. Preferably chest down. Heaven only knows how permanent one of those to the face could be if an eye was hit.”

Viktor grimaced and nodded. “Yes, I would prefer to keep my sight, thanks. But maybe we could get some goggles just in case.”

“We can look in town.” He checked the time and saw it was still early enough, so off they went. There was a sporting goods shop in town; Harry mainly knew of it from checking out the usual archery accoutrements. Sure, he had built up the requisite calluses, but those had taken a lot of time to develop, so guards had been a necessity so as not to end up with bleeding fingers or ruined sleeves. They found what they were looking for and returned to the house after also stocking up on sweets.

Tom was there, rattling some pieces of metal in his hand, expression slightly bored. “Ah, Harry.”

“Are those what I think they are?” he asked, gaze riveted to the metal.

“I expect so. We can go to your work room for this or the sepulcher. Think you can handle it or should I call Severus here?”

Harry rolled his eyes at the reminder. “Work room,” he replied, knowing he would have to skip the repeat.

Upstairs and through into his work room he grabbed a chair from the kitchen and set it in the main area, then took a seat. He held out his left arm, palm up. Tom cast a numbing charm at his forearm, then swapped wand for knife and cut him open. Harry swallowed audibly at the sight of his arm split open like one of those hot dogs Dudley used to eat, except a whole lot gorier. He could see the metal Tom and Severus had already installed and watched as Tom added two of them to the collection. As soon as he got the nod he started casting healing spells, waited for Tom to reverse the numbing charm, then held out his right arm for a repeat procedure.

Once they were done he tested both arms, saying, “Quarter each?”

“Correct,” Tom replied, then jerked his head to the side.

He got up and looked at Viktor, who nodded and took his place. At least this time his stomach was behaving. They got through Viktor’s insertions quickly enough, and then Tom took the seat. It was while he was working on himself that Viktor finally asked, “What exactly are we adding here?”

Harry burst out laughing. When he got a hold of himself he said, “Unless I’m very much mistaken, I’m going to vote for protection against radiation sickness.”

“Shouldn’t you have asked that before letting me cut you open?” Tom asked dryly, looking up briefly from sticking one of the pieces to bone.

“Everyone has their stupid moments,” Viktor protested. “Better now than in the middle of a fight. I trust you two, is that so terrible?”

Harry laughed again and started healing Tom’s left arm.

“I’ll take care of the others with Severus,” Tom said, cutting open his right arm. “If we never need these, great. If we do, well, we’re ahead of the game.” Soon enough Tom was done and healed up; dittany was used to erase the scarring.

Harry returned the chair to the kitchen and came back out, and the three of them exited back to the house. The post had arrived while they were busy and Harry (and Dudley) received forms from Durmstrang regarding class choices for their NEWT years. ‘Well, this will be easy enough,’ he thought, fetching out his fountain pen so he could start marking off his choices. He would have to get the extra sheet that came with his OWL scores to go with it so that the school would know he was cleared for what he’d chosen. He rather wondered how many people tried to alter that page only to find out the school got copies as well to be able to do a cross-check.

‘So,’ he thought, ‘Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Herbology, History, and Potions. I suppose I can always slide into the Muggle Studies NEWT exam like I did for the OWL. I sincerely doubt it’ll be any more difficult.’ That done he retreated to his room long enough to get the extra sheet and put it with his form, then bundled them into an envelope. It could be sent out as soon as his cousin was also done.

Viktor left not long after and a week after that Draco and Luna arrived for their week-long stay before school. They were lucky enough to be able to see Independence Day at the local cinema—in English, even. They simply ignored the subtitles. But the week passed quickly enough and they were shortly back at Durmstrang, ready for a new school year.