Grazhir :: Crossover :: Kalpa :: 08



Dudley ended up with two charges, Erik Weiss and Tibor Kadlec, from Germany and the Czech Republic respectively. It was not explicitly stated, but most certainly implied, that Harry had not been chosen due to his “disability”.

But you’ll help me if I need it, right? Dudley asked him immediately.

Of course, he promised.

Dudley acted, without ever needing to discuss it, just as Viktor had with them, though they had the added complication of being housed in the wrong physical structure. These poor first years would have to learn all over again come the following school year how to get around. Of course, all of their people had to learn how to get around Hogwarts, so it worked both ways, Harry himself excepted.

The next morning they all shuffled down to the Great Hall, Harry casually in the lead, though Dudley was doing just fine in that respect due to his Occlumency training. He was very pleased when Viktor chose to sit next to him at breakfast, though he admitted to himself that he wasn’t sure why. Viktor had many friends amongst his own year group, after all. Then he remembered his mother’s request and felt obscurely disappointed. Good morning, Viktor,he said, fairly cheerfully.

Yeah, morning, Viktor,Dudley said, then immediately launched into a rant about quidditch. I don’t see why some compromise can’t be reached.

Viktor sighed and shook his head slightly. Dudley,he said very firmly.


That is being seen to. Karkaroff has managed to negotiate a deal for us to use the pitch near Portree. We will still have our practices and games.

Dudley gaped for a bit, then grinned madly. By portkey, then?

I assume so. They will schedule around the events, I suppose.

Harry discreetly rolled his eyes and tucked into his meal, surreptitiously eyeing the Hogwarts students. Edward was holding court at the Gryffindor table, but looked to be upset. Quidditch again, perhaps. Malfoy was holding court at the Slytherin table, and also looked a bit off. He wondered if either or both of them would be trying to get around the protections Dumbledore planned to place in order to try to be chosen, despite only having (that anyone knew of) three years of education.

Dudley’s two mentees were sitting across the table from him and down a few seats from Viktor so he said, Weiss, Kadlec. I will get together with you tonight to talk, all right?They both nodded so Dudley turned back to their conversation. Hopefully not all the Hogwarts students are as bad as the ones on the train.

Harry shrugged. And maybe the ones we saw weren’t being at their best.

His cousin gave him a very skeptical look.

Okay, one of them, perhaps,he amended.

Do you plan to enter?Dudley asked Viktor.

Their mentor frowned and raised his left shoulder in an elegant shrug. I think perhaps. It might be very interesting, do you not think?

Well, do you think they’ve gotten any better at creating challenging tasks that hopefully won’t result in a lot of death, either for the champions or the audience?Harry replied. Because really, I would be very unhappy if something happened to you.

Oh, you just love me for my quidditch prowess,Viktor teased.

He rolled his eyes. Yeah, right. I’m not the quidditch fanatic, remember? That’s Dudley.He dished up a few things onto his plate and glanced around again. The Hogwarts lot seem awfully noisy.

Viktor gave him an odd look, then nodded. Yes, but I am sure we will get used to it. It will only be a year.

At that Harry had to sigh again. He was just eating a piece of bacon when the blond boy from the train appeared behind Dudley, making him blink in surprise.

“Good morning,” Malfoy said. “I’m afraid I did not get the chance to introduce myself yesterday. I’m Draco Malfoy. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Viktor shifted in his seat and eyed the boy. “Viktor Krum, as you presumed,” he said a bit gruffly, then gestured. “Harry Evans and Dudley Evans.”

Harry nodded a greeting, as did Dudley, and Viktor continued, “Is there something we can do for you?”

Malfoy produced a tight smile and replied, “As there are no classes today I thought I would offer to show you around the castle, to give you some help finding your way.”

Well, this is a bit of a change from yesterday,Harry stated. He’s suddenly all polite.

You think he realized how awful he was being yesterday?Dudley asked. Or maybe he was just so excited at meeting a celebrity that he forgot his manners?

Viktor snorted and looked back at Malfoy. “That would be helpful, yes. I understand we are to have our classes near where we are housed, but aside from that we would not know how to navigate, such as to the library.” To the two of them he said, “And try to remember the English, yes? We have been working on this.”

Harry smiled and nodded, thinking it was clever of his mentor to give them leeway in such a manner. «It would be easier if everyone knew French,» he commented with a rueful shrug.

Malfoy perked up at that. «I do, so I will still be able to understand you if you’re having issues with English.»

“That works, too,” Viktor said.

“Well, I’ll let you finish your breakfast,” Malfoy said. “Shall I return at the end of the meal?”

Viktor nodded and turned back as Malfoy wandered back to his own table. You may well be correct, Dudley. I suppose it is possible that he went to write home and realized how upset his father would be at his behavior, and that he needed to try to make up for such a bad impression.

Guess we’ll see,Dudley said, then applied himself industriously to his food.

I wonder if we can figure out how to get non-British food at our meals,Harry said. Even though he was more than all right with the offerings, he had become accustomed to different foods at school, and rather missed some of them. ‘I’m being a bit pissy,’ he thought.

Bear with it,Viktor advised. Only a year.

A year that will probably feel both like forever and much too fast,he said a bit gloomily.

Krum gave him another curious look, but continued to eat his breakfast. A short while later they were finished and Malfoy had popped up again and waited patiently without saying a word.

“We are—” Viktor started to say.

He was interrupted by Edward, of all people, who had popped up to his other side and was sneering at Malfoy. “What are you doing here, snake? I’m sure someone like Krum wants nothing to do with a slimy little junior Death Eater like you.”

«What the hell?» Harry muttered. «There are too many crazy people in this school.»

“Who asked you?” Edward retorted, then did a double-take. “What on Earth—? Why do you look so much like me? Trying to cash in on my fame, are you? Merlin, the nameless masses really will do anything to get a little attention!” He turned to Viktor while everyone was trying to assimilate that and said, “So, I’m Edward Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. I’ve come to give you a tour.”

Viktor blinked slowly at the boy as he stood. “Not on your life, child, not after you just insulted a dear friend of mine, and not after you’ve showed that your manners have not improved in the least since yesterday. I don’t have time for obnoxious, arrogant, entitled little boys such as you. Please leave.”

While Edward was sputtering at the rebuff Viktor gestured to Malfoy, who quickly led them away. “Wow,” Malfoy said quietly. “I know I was a bit of an ass yesterday, but. . . .” He eyed Harry for a moment and said, «Okay, so you look a bit like Potter, but that’s no reason to accuse you of that kind of thing.»

«Thank you,» he replied softly. His brother really was oblivious, it seemed, or he had been away for long enough that Edward had forgotten the details. True, he was prevented from making the essential connection, but surely he remembered he did have a twin? Or maybe it was just that said twin was a shameful squib and absolutely could not be some random boy from Durmstrang?

“Anyway,” Malfoy said, “I’d like to apologize for yesterday. I was just so excited. Father had thought to send me to Durmstrang, you see, but my mother insisted on Hogwarts. I’ve heard so many good things about Durmstrang and really wanted to be enrolled there. And then when I realized you’d all be coming here for the year. . . . So, I apologize. I was very rude. Didn’t help that Potter showed up. He always sets me off.”

«I take it that ignoring him doesn’t work?» Harry asked.

Malfoy laughed mirthlessly. “No. Would you like to see the grounds or the castle first?”

Viktor glanced at him and Dudley, then said, “The grounds, if you please.”

“All right,” Malfoy said with a nod. “This way, then.” He showed them the courtyards, the covered bridge, the way to the lake and where the first years had their flying lessons, the greenhouses, and of course, the quidditch pitch. “It’s really depressing that we aren’t playing this year.”

«I don’t see why your headmaster can’t arrange something like ours did,» Dudley said.

Malfoy gave him a sharp, inquisitive look.

«According to Viktor we’ll be using the Portree stadium for our practices and games. And I’m glad, because I got moved up from reserve this year.»

«Oh? What position do you play?»

Harry hung back with Viktor, rolling his eyes discreetly. Quidditch mad,he muttered.

Viktor chuckled at him and slung an arm around his shoulders. You poor thing. Does this mean you won’t be taking advantage and coming to watch us practice?

Oh, maybe now and again,he replied, thinking that it would be so much easier to slip away from there to have his lessons with Valdis than from Hogwarts. Not every practice, I don’t think. With both of you as starters, though, I have to show some kind of support, right?

Absolutely. I would be very disappointed if you did not.

He felt awfully warm inside at that and wasn’t sure why. Then he frowned. But doesn’t that mean any Durmstrang student could go watch? I mean, you already have a ton of groupies vying for your attention.

Viktor shook his head. You are allowed because you are cousin to Dudley and I am your mentor. And I don’t want groupies,he said with a scowl.

Harry smiled at him and almost asked what he did want, but refrained. A listen ahead proved that Dudley and Malfoy were still rabbiting on about quidditch, which made him sigh.

Viktor squeezed his upper arm. What is it?

Ugh. I’m just being silly, I guess. It’s your last year and you have this great career ahead of you. I’m going to miss you, that’s all. At least next year we’ll be back in familiar territory, instead of in this strange place. Not sure I like the idea of a castle that likes to move its rooms around, has staircases that shift, has trick doors and trick steps. Like I said, I’m being silly.

Viktor squeezed him again. No, I don’t think so. A bit petulant, perhaps, but not silly.

He gave his mentor a gentle elbow to the ribs. Beast. I’m a bit sulky, fine.He shook his head slightly and changed the subject. Somehow I’m not surprised I wasn’t made a mentor, but I think it’ll be good for Dudley. You’ve been really great and a good example, and I think the responsibility will help him mature.

There are times when you sound much too old for your age,Viktor commented. And I see we are approaching the castle again. Maybe after lunch we can come back out again. It would be silly to waste such a lovely day.

Harry nodded and smiled up at him.

Something tells me you interrogated your mother for information about the castle,Viktor accused.

Who, me?he replied. I have seen some memories of the place,he admitted.

Up ahead Malfoy was saying, «I don’t think there will be much of interest for you guys aside from the library, though we can check out the area around where you’re being housed. Merlin knows there are plenty of empty classrooms and offices. The library is on the fourth floor.» He led them up the main staircase and off to the right, into a very tall room ringed with staircases, some of which were moving. «They move, obviously,» he said, pointing up, «but it’s not usually a problem. And some of the steps are tricky, but you learn which ones those are quickly. Even so, I wouldn’t recommend racing up or down, because there’s always the chance you might forget and end up breaking an ankle.»

«I wonder if our infirmary staff came with us,» Harry commented quietly.

Malfoy paused, angling his head back long enough to say, «I’ll show you our infirmary just in case, then. It’s on the third floor.» Up three sets of stairs and straight ahead brought them down a wide corridor with large windows gracing the left side. On the right was a set of doors that Malfoy waved at. «We have Madam Pomfrey in charge of the infirmary, and she’s all right. I suppose if it’s closer she’s not going to turn anyone from Durmstrang away, though I’m not sure if she speaks anything aside from English.» He shrugged his ignorance and turned back toward the stairwell.

One more set of stairs and a turn to the right brought them to the library entrance, another set of doors, though these were far more grandiose. «Madam Pince is our librarian and she’s a bit of a bear,» he warned them, opening one of the doors for them to pass through.

«What year are you?» he asked, thinking he really ought to contribute at least something occasionally, then took a step back at the poisonous glare coming from an older lady at a circular desk.

«Yeah,» Malfoy whispered, «she’s really that bad. It’s like she doesn’t want anyone to even look at the books, never mind touch them or read them.»

«Is there a system set up?» Dudley whispered.

Malfoy nodded and veered off to the left, farther away from Pince, and behind a towering set of bookcases. «All the cases have labels on the sides, but basically—left to right, starting with wand disciplines. Defense, Transfiguration, Charms, then Potions, Herbology, and so on. The far right is miscellaneous stuff. I’m not sure anything here is in anything but English, though.»

Dudley frowned and Harry turned to Viktor, asking, «Do you think they’ll change our lesson plans because of this? I kind of doubt they managed to bring the entire library, assuming it even escaped the damage.»

Viktor exhaled heavily and shook his head. «I doubt it, too. They’ll probably adjust the lessons for some of the essays. Some of us can read and speak English, but not everyone. I’ll see about asking Kozlov. Same with the infirmary situation.»

He nodded and reached out to squeeze Viktor’s forearm.

Malfoy’s gaze followed the movement, but he quickly enough looked back up. «So I know you’re a seventh year,» he said to Viktor, «but what about you two?»

«Fourth years,» Dudley said.

Malfoy looked confused by that.

Dudley then went off on an explanation of the mentor system as the blond led them back out of the library and up another staircase. They slowed to a stop near the portrait of Agrippa, mainly due to Dudley, who then looked down the corridor. «So, down that way?»

Viktor shrugged. «I can only hope Kozlov says something after dinner, but if not I will make sure he tells me. Honestly. I wonder about them at times.»

Malfoy glanced at his watch and said, «It’s almost time for lunch.»

«I will be right back,» Viktor said. «There is something I wish to get from my room.» He stepped over to the portrait and whispered the password, and disappeared inside.

Dudley immediately started up quidditch talk again, so Harry leaned against the wall with a faint sigh. He almost couldn’t believe his twin had been so crass! His mother had told him just how much of a mess their father had made of things, but—well, he would have something to include in his letter home that evening. His mother would probably roll her eyes so hard she’d give herself a headache and Aunt Petunia wouldn’t be too far behind.

Viktor returned so they all made for the Great Hall. Dudley was already making plans to spend time with Malfoy that afternoon. Thank heavens Viktor was not the sort to talk quidditch all day every day; it was simply something he excelled at and looked to provide a living. There were fixings for sandwiches this time so he assembled a couple of bacon sandwiches for himself. As an afterthought he added some chips, dashed them with salt and pepper, and sprinkled malt vinegar all over them.

Dudley just seemed to pile whatever on his plate, speaking animatedly with a girl in their year named Ilsa. Viktor filled his own plate with a selection of vegetables and some beef, then said, I would kill for a decent sauce. Maybe if I complain to Kozlov while I’m asking about the other things he might manage to get some changes made, like some of the Durmstrang elves helping out in the kitchens.

Harry grinned. Please do. Oh, please do. It’s not that I dislike British fare, but, well, it’s kind of bland.

Viktor nodded and began eating, so Harry addressed his own food and swiftly worked his way through it. Once they were both done they headed off together, drifting outside and down to the lake. Viktor found a likely tree and sat down after casting a charm on his robes, using the tree as a backrest. He cast the same charm on Harry’s robes and patted the ground beside him. Harry took a seat and leaned against Viktor, staring out at the lake where several tentacles were lazily waving in the air.

So what did you get from your room?

Ah, a history book with information about the tournament in it. Maybe I can find information about what the tasks were like so I have some idea what I might be facing if I enter.

He huffed. Okay. I’m not saying you shouldn’t enter, but I am wondering why you’d bother. A thousand galleons isn’t all that much money, especially compared to what I know you’ll be making. You’ll be far more famous as a quidditch player than as a Triwizard winner. I just don’t get it. What’s the allure?

Viktor slung an arm around his shoulders again, making him feel warm inside. It’s not about the money or the fame. It’s more about the idea that I can prove that I’m more than just a quidditch player. It’s a career, yes, but it won’t last. I was thinking of trying for a mastery in Defense.

Really? I had no idea. I knew you weren’t quidditch mad like Dudley, but I had no clue you wanted so much more. How do you even get a mastery?It was not something Tom had ever been particularly interested in.

That depends. You can apprentice to an existing master as one option. Go to a higher-level school especially set up for them. Or three, Durmstrang. It has programs for them.

He gasped softly.

Yes, Harry, I plan to go through Durmstrang. I take it that makes you happy.

Well, yes.He was smiling foolishly for some reason. Yes, it does.

Viktor squeezed him, then used his other hand to flip open the book and glance at the table of contents. After a minute he flipped to the fourth chapter and began scanning the text. Harry tilted his head so he could read, as well, seeing that it was an overview of past first tasks.

So some large, dangerous creature,he said a while later. One that could, improperly handled, kill half the audience.

Viktor snorted softly and nodded. I am starting to think they would use a larger creature they could keep chained, so as to minimize the potential damage. This cockatrice they mention—too small to do such with easily.He paged ahead to the next chapter. I’m not sure I like the sound of this part,he said some minutes later.

It rather sounds like they would force champions to rescue someone,Harry said uneasily, then he laughed. Can you imagine someone like Potter being a champion? He could go rescue his ego or sense of entitlement.

Viktor began snickering. From the next chapter on they got the sense of some kind of maze, perhaps originally based on the labyrinth for the minotaur of Crete. So, plenty of nasty things and a very confusing profusion of paths.

Well, if you end up being set on entering, and you get chosen, you know I’ll help as much as I can,he offered. I know you can’t get help from the teachers, but I don’t remember anything about help from fellow students being off the table.In fact, should Viktor be chosen, he had every intention of giving his mentor a few special gifts to subtly protect him. Anything he could not manage he thought he could get Tom to do for him, such as protection from things like Legilimency and mind control. He could not do anything for Viktor’s birthday, as that had been months ago, but he could give him a gift if he was chosen, another before the first task, and so forth. In some respects it depended on that the tasks were.

I would appreciate that,Viktor said, breaking him out of his thoughts. You have always been surprisingly knowledgeable for your age and I expect you will have some excellent ideas.

He grimaced faintly and replied, I think had I been schooled here at Hogwarts I’d be a Ravenclaw, maybe. I very much like to read and understand things, but you already knew that.

Or Slytherin,Viktor pointed out. From what I have heard many Durmstrang students would slot into that house, if only because we’re taught to refuse to accept things on face value or let some person high up the scale think for us.

True, but Slytherin also has a reputation of being the house of blood purists and bigots. I don’t really like these houses. People change. People are more than just two or three traits. My mother told me all about the rivalry and even outright hostility between Gryffindor and Slytherin houses, how Ravenclaws are often seen as book nerds with no real emotions, and how Hufflepuff is seen as a house for duffers. I can’t imagine living like that. Durmstrang is a utopia in comparison.

Viktor snorted quietly. I would not go that far, but yes. Though, having come here for this year, I am starting to see some things which disquiet me. Karkaroff and Kozlov seem to be awfully disinterested in doing their jobs. I don’t mind some of the responsibility they landed me with, but I am a student, not a member of staff.

Harry hummed in agreement. I don’t think it’s necessarily that much different here. My mother told me that in some respects the staff here are rather hands-off about some things, and Dumbledore hasn’t taught in decades. She said, looking back, that he seems to play favorites.

For some reason that statement made Viktor groan. I just know if I am chosen that Karkaroff will become a bit unbearable.

You mean because he already sucks up to you because you played for Bulgaria? Yeah, I could see it happening. Something to keep in mind if you decide to enter.A part of him wondered if the headmaster would go so far as to ensure all names from Durmstrang students were actually Viktor’s, but . . . to what end? The most he would get from that is additional media attention. Without any guarantee that Viktor would win the man would be unlikely to place bets on the outcome.

He looked out over the lake and watched ripples form on the surface; he knew they were caused by a giant squid. He still felt absurdly warm inside and tried not to think too hard about that. Perhaps he could talk to Tom about things, or his mother if necessary. And on that thought he poked around in his pockets for some paper and a pen and set about writing to her, intent to let her know what Edward had done.

Later that evening, about an hour after dinner, Viktor called a meeting in the seventh year common; it had been expanded again to accommodate the number of students. All right, everyone, settle down please. Our classrooms for this year are all on this floor, to the right as we exit this tower. Signs will be posted outside each of them to help you figure out where you’re to go. Also, I’m asking that all mentors stay behind so I can show them the way to the library. While I realize that not everyone here can read English, some of you can, so you may get use out of the place. Mentors can assist their mentees or, indeed, anyone else who needs help with that.

I have also requested that some of the Durmstrang elves help out in the kitchens so that more of the food we’re accustomed to is served, but we’ll see what comes of that. If anyone has questions bring them to your mentors as usual, and if they do not know, they can come to me. I’ll do my best to figure things out. I was given everyone’s schedules, as well.Viktor paused to produce a sheaf of parchment. After separating a set from the top he said, Seventh years?Eventually all of them were distributed, so he asked for the mentors to follow him, leading them out of the tower.

Harry wandered up to the room he shared with Dudley and found an envelope for his letter, addressed it, then tied it to his falcon’s leg for delivery. It’s to my mother, Bjarte. Safe flight.He opened the window long enough for the bird to fly away, then left it cracked open. Unless someone scaled up the side of the castle to sneak into the room he rather doubted it was a risk not closing it. After that Harry scanned his schedule so he would know what books he would need the following day, got his satchel ready, and selected one of the books to read.

Viktor stopped in some time later—by then Dudley was back from spending time with his mentees—to check to see if they needed anything, then headed off to his own room. Harry checked the time and sighed faintly. Dudley? You ready for bed?

What? Yeah.His cousin got up to take care of certain things and was shortly back and sliding beneath his covers.

The next morning he yawned his way out of bed and into his trunk, closing the outer door before activating the mirror and stepping into the hidden suite. A house-elf trotted in from the kitchen and bowed. Master Harry,he was greeted. Master Tom has suggested that you turn time in the bathing room, go through your morning ablutions, then come out for food before starting your practice for the day. Pelk will help you to keep track of the days and watch over you.

He nodded and yawned his way into the bathroom, checked the time with a tempus, made a note of it, and turned back twenty-hour hours. A half hour later he was in the kitchen being fed breakfast. Pelk had something of a schedule for him, one that Tom had written up, and Harry saw no issues with keeping to it. He spent the first hour working on Occlumency; normally he did that in the evenings before bed, but he had been distracted. After that he began with the first spell on the list, and he quickly realized that the only reason he could even start was due to Tom’s memories. He would have to go over the entire list just to make sure there was nothing unfamiliar.

Harry sighed heavily. So much damn work, all because his mean core strength was lacking.


By the time Samhain rolled around he had gotten through any number of spells, though not all of them had been mastered. One day each was not even close to enough for that. Still, he knew he could cast everything fourth years were expected to learn in wand classes. He had also been to visit with Valdis, Tom having given him an additional portkey to bring him back to a warded spot at the Portree stadium. He considered using his time turner to extend those visits, but knew that turning twice into the same time period was not a good idea, and would likely get him thrashed should Tom, his mother, or his aunt find out.

Dinner was a mixture of nervous and excited chatter with pockets of strained silence. Even Viktor was acting a bit moody and scowling more often than usual. Dumbledore finally closed out the meal and after blathering at them for a while had the castle’s caretaker bring the Goblet of Fire over. After a dramatic darkening of the lighting in the Great Hall the goblet spit out the first name.

“The champion for Durmstrang,” Dumbledore read, in a strong, clear voice, “will be Viktor Krum.”

Even as he started clapping Harry felt anxious and sad. Viktor gave his shoulder a squeeze as he rose, then headed off toward the room the old man had indicated. Soon enough a Fleur Delacour was announced for Beauxbatons, followed by Cedric Diggory for Hogwarts. Dumbledore started rabbiting on about support, but was cut off when the goblet shot out red sparks a fourth time and released another slip. “Edward Potter.”

Harry glanced at Dudley with a grimace, unwilling to actually say anything surrounded by so many people. Silence lay over the Great Hall like a smothering blanket. He looked back over his shoulder to see his brother grinning smugly as he stood up. Muttering began to arise amongst the Durmstrang students, then Beauxbatons, and finally Hogwarts as Edward joined the three champions.

I hate to say it, but this looks like some stupid publicity stunt,he said to Dudley. And for someone who is already famous. Didn’t he already have enough? Was he afraid of being overshadowed by a competition that had nothing to do with him?

Dudley shook his head slowly. Well—

Durmstrang students!

Harry turned to look and saw Kozlov.

You will now return to your tower. You can congratulate Krum once the officials are done with him.

He heaved a sigh and got up, waiting his turn to file out of the Great Hall. Twenty minutes later he was sprawled on his bed. By now Viktor should already have some idea of the first task, and he wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if many of the Durmstrang students were having a bit of a party. He lifted his left wrist and started tracing a message onto the silver for Tom. Hopefully he would provide what Harry wanted without too many questions, the first of the gifts.