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08 Kalpa



“There’s nothing wrong with my state of mental health.” — Men At Work, Who Can It Be Now

“What do you want to hear about?” Harry asked, perched on the edge of Ciel’s bed.

“I remember, when you came to get me, you said something about an alternate you who was so different. Can you tell me about that?”

He reached out to gently ruffle Ciel’s hair and make sure he was properly under the covers. “Okay. Back before we started making any trips—when Death was just introducing the concept—one of the examples he gave was another me in need of some help, a me who would die otherwise and leave that dimension’s Earth to go all to hell.”

“So you helped.”

He nodded. “It went a little something like this. . . .”


Harry waited patiently while Derek stuck some sort of screen up on the wall, then blinked when an image appeared, showing his own face—sort of. The Harry on-screen looked almost exactly like he had, with black hair and green eyes, but there were no glasses involved. His hair was longer and the scar on his forehead was nearly invisible.

“I think I prefer you with red hair,” Tom commented.

He grinned.

Derek split the screen into three sections. Harry took up the center. To his left was an image of Tom, and to his right was Viktor Krum.


“This Harry is, through an interesting series of events, Hadrian Wyn Krum; Viktor is his husband. Tom is his . . . protector? Hadrian’s mother and father are alive, and he has a twin brother. After the attack that Halloween night, it was decided that Edward must be the Boy-Who-Lived, namely because Hadrian was in the adjacent playroom when the adults burst in. Hadrian was considered a squib for a long time and was eventually, after James continued to push the issue, left with Petunia.”

Harry growled quietly.

“No, no,” Derek said. “In this instance that was a good thing. I’ll get into the details afterward, but for a summary. . . . Petunia warmed up relatively quickly. Vernon was unhappy, but it wasn’t until Dudley displayed signs of accidental magic that he became openly abusive, even going so far as to hit his son. Petunia divorced him and he left.”

Harry relaxed. At least one version of his aunt had been a good woman, so presumably there were more of her type out there.

“Lily divorced James when Hadrian was eight years old and took custody, leaving custody of Edward to James, who was well on his way to spoiling the child rotten with the help of Sirius and Remus. Tom got involved. He had decided that he was meant to make the attempt to kill the children who might be his downfall, but that this action was his only part of things. Feeling responsible, he turned his focus toward protection and trying to figure out who the real threat would be. They ended up moving to Norway and the boys attended Durmstrang.”

“Oh, wow,” he said. “I wonder what that would have been like. Okay, so, how is it we’d need to intervene?”

“Things on Hadrian’s world are going to go to hell, so to speak. Without intervention he will die, and there will be no one to stop the real threat, not unless one of the gods decides to imbue another hero. A muggle will take his life with a gun.”

“All right. So you want us to prevent that. I wonder what it’s like to be shot?” he mused.

“Hadrian will be eighteen or nineteen when the incident occurs.”

“So he’s not a squib?” Tom asked.

“No, not at all, but he does have a smaller than average magical core. To compensate, he has two other abilities, both god-given. You see, his world is an incarnation of a planet in a universe where. . . .”


They were dropped outside the home of Barty Crouch Snr. He was there as Yuki, whereas Tom wore a face that was similar to his real one, but far enough off so as not to be recognizable, and his eyes were dark green. He was very fond of their Barty, and Derek had indicated that this Barty would be similar, if not the same, so they had agreed to rescue him from the clutches of his father.

In preparation for their self-imposed mini-mission, they had also, knowing this would end up shared in memory—because Tom Riddle was nothing if not suspicious as a rule—added some temporary tattoos on the backs of their hands, ones that had especial meaning.

They exchanged a look, then forced open a convenient window and slipped into the room, where Barty Snr had just finished imparting orders to his son after a fresh application of the imperius curse.

(“That’s the mind control spell,” Harry reminded Ciel, who nodded.)

‘Nice to know he’s the same asshole here as in our worlds,’ Yuki commented as he sent a spell to knock the father out, smirking at the sound of the man hitting the floor.

Tom went ahead and began to work on Barty Jnr, to relieve him of the effects of his father’s spells and to check on the state of his mind.

Yuki stepped over and crouched next to the father, reaching out with his left hand to force open one of the man’s eyes so he could playact using his wand for Legilimency while really just rifling through his mind the usual way. ‘Have to make it look good for our audience.’

‘Otherwise they won’t know what in hell we’re doing,’ Tom finished, doing the same with Jnr.

Several minutes later—again, for the sake of show—Yuki drew back with a smirk. Oh, what a prize this one is.」 ‘He’s the same as before, or so similar as to not make any difference.’

And? Tom asked coolly.

What a hypocrite. I say we steal the kid and deliver him to his master. Daddy here can flail around in a panic after he’s woken up to realize his biggest secret and shame is missing and might come back to haunt him.」 ‘I’m almost not surprised he’s managed this for so long. Is Barty’s mind all right after being under for so many more years?’

‘He’ll be fine,’ Tom assured him. ‘Once he sees this world’s Voldemort his recovery will be even faster.’ He nodded for the benefit of the intended audience. We can use the Dark Mark to divine the location of his master. We should probably take the elf as well. It is devoted to him.

Yuki almost started giggling. ‘Oh, and won’t that upset the hell out of your counterpart! Imagine—some stranger able to use his Mark that way!’ He nodded, plastering a knowing look on his face. You’ll fix the bond?

Tom went ahead and did the spell-work necessary to shift the house-elf’s bond to Barty Jnr only. It was delicate and precise work, and the level of control necessary meant that there was no leakage in the visible spectrum. ‘All right. Now to pretend to query the Mark. And this is actually amusing, the idea of driving my counterpart a bit crazy.’ He slid his hand up inside Jnr’s sleeve and let his hand rest on the Dark Mark he could feel.

Derek sent the both of them the necessary image for them to shift to, so Tom pulled away and nodded slightly. It’s in one of the national parks,he said. Go ahead and fix his appearance. No point in setting him free if his looks will only get him in trouble. We can go back to fighting those interesting manifestations after we drop him off.Then he aimed his wand at Barty again and knocked him unconscious.

Yuki worked quickly to fine-tune the changes to Jnr’s appearance, deciding to be whimsical and use the Malfoy men as a sort of template. After all, Lucius and Draco of this world were fairly valuable, so topically including Barty Jnr in their family was not such a bad idea. As he made adjustments he started wondering exactly how to deliver the man, and subsequently started giggling.

Tom paused in tinkering with Snr’s memories to eye him warily. “What?”

“Oh, just wondering how to deliver Barty. I was think a nice Slytherin-green bow on his head, like a present!”

Tom relaxed and shook his head slightly. “Right. If it makes you happy, sure.”

Yuki made a victory sign and finished up his work, then conjured a lovely big bow for Barty’s head and affixed it in place with a temporary sticking charm. “Adorable! Will you write up a note to go along with it?”

“Considering that your handwriting for the English language could still use some work, yes,” Tom teased.

He pouted briefly. Shortly thereafter they were ready to go, so Yuki grabbed on to Barty and Cloaked the both of them, while Tom got Winky, and they shifted to not far outside Riddle’s stronghold. Barty was situated on the ground, with the elf behind him, and Tom poked the wards repeatedly to alert the people inside to a visitor.

(“And then we went off to have some fun fighting,” Harry said. “We’ll use a pensieve for that part, okay?”)

“So, what exactly did you have in mind for the Wizengamot? I know that was an impromptu idea,” Tom said as they sat atop the Tower of London and stared out at the Thames and the Tower Bridge, charms swirling around them to keep the muggles from paying any attention.

“It was,” he admitted. “But then I asked myself, what would Luna do? So I started thinking of bizarre magical creatures that might be useful, whether they existed or not. I’m sure if I’d asked her she could come up with something within seconds, so. . . .”

“And what did you come up with?”

“Well, I decided on a magical termite that’s attracted to bad people, essentially.”

Tom snorted in amusement. “Of course. And naturally the Wizengamot is filled with self-serving and obstructionist idiots we can target.”

“Absolutely. Fudge, for one. Umbridge. That twat of an auror, Dawlish. Just a few to start with. We can go poke around in people’s heads during a closed session, decide who gets to suffer a freakishly bizarre accident, and then I can write it up. It won’t necessarily solve any problems overall, but it’ll set the Wizengamot back and allow for the possibility of some more moderate people to slither into position. After all, none of these people are going anywhere. Gellert is wreaking havoc all over the world, so the fewer idiots there are in the UK, the better. Far too many countries actually pay attention to the British because of that whole Empire and Commonwealth thing bleeding over from the muggles to the magicals.”

“So if you want to use termites, I suppose that means we’ll be seeing the ‘collapse’ of the Wizengamot’s structure.”

Yuki laughed merrily at the wordplay and leaned over to give Tom an appreciative kiss.


“And that was it, basically,” Harry told Ciel, who was looking awfully sleepy. “We went in and figured out who should go, and then arranged for a freakishly bizarre accident. I thought it was hilarious the way everything fell apart.”

Ciel smiled slightly and nodded. “You’ll show me the fighting later, right?”

Harry nodded and brushed a lock of hair away from the boy’s face. “I’ll even let you go into the memory so you get the full effect. But for now, time for sleep.”

“Goodnight, Harry.”

He leaned over and kissed Ciel on the forehead. “Night.”