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04 Supernatural



“I’m running to battle with the shadow of a lie.” — Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2, Rise

The image on the screen was of a single man. He was nondescript, really, aside from the fact that the skin on his face was peeling off rather messily. Harry eyed the screen, then arched a brow at Derek.

“This is Lucifer’s current vessel, a man named Nick he tormented and tricked into becoming his host.”

“Must be a fun guy at parties,” he muttered, frowning. Possession was a touchy subject for him, after all.

Tom, knowing the full story, grimaced.

“Now, as you know, this is a personal matter for me. True, untold numbers of humans would be saved if you agree to this, but really, I’m being selfish here. I really don’t want to give Lucifer the opportunity to bind me in any way, assuming it’d even still work.” Derek frowned under his hood, then seemed to perk up. “But today I have a very special surprise guest joining me,” he said brightly.

“Gods, he’s taking on too much of your personality,” Tom complained.

Derek huffed. “Keep it up and I’ll find a dimension where Lambo-san is missing his Harry Potter father and would fit right in around here.”

Tom shuddered and pressed his lips into a thin line.

Harry snickered quietly. “Okay, you have a guest commentator or something? Should I go get popcorn? Cinnamon imperials? Ooo, candy floss!”

Derek sighed, and threw his hands up, the laser pointing wildly around. “I know, it’s partly my fault. I broke your brain one too many times. Gabriel! Get over here.”

Harry saw something shift in his peripheral vision and looked over to see an average-looking sort of man wander out from behind one of the decorative floor-to-ceiling curtains and go stand to the other side of the screen.

“Master, Tom, this is Archangel Gabriel, also known as the trickster god Loki. Gabriel, the Master of Death and his partner in crime.”

“Trickster god, huh? And archangel? How’s that working out for you?” Harry asked.

“Generally speaking, not so bad.”

“Okay,” Harry chirped. “So. . . .”

“Gabriel is here at my request—”

Gabriel snorted quietly.

“Fine, I kidnapped him,” Derek admitted. “I thought it would be a far more effective demonstration of the reality of this request, as opposed to us doing this the usual way and him laughing himself into a hernia before you could convince him to help. And besides, I wasn’t sure if manifesting there would alert Lucifer to complications with his plan.”

“Which is. . . ? I do vaguely recall you bringing this very situation up back a ways, but I confess I’ve mostly forgotten what you said.”

Derek nodded. “Lucifer was released from his imprisonment due to the destruction of sixty-six of the seals binding him. That triggered the . . . awakening, I guess you could call it . . . of my brothers in that dimension: Famine; War; and Pestilence. Lucifer is presently under the impression that I am bound and plans to raise me and bind me to his will at the same time.”

Harry raised his hand and waved it around wildly.

“Yes, you in the front,” Derek said seriously, pointing at him.

“Eh, would this be in any way related to that bit about me obtaining the Hallows?”

“Yes. As Death, I cannot be destroyed, not unless there is no death. And even then, if life were to begin again, I would return. However, aspects of myself can be bound to some degree, and that did occur in the dimension in question. God liked to pull me off the shelf occasionally so I could cause mass mayhem at his command. You know, like the Great Flood.”

Harry frowned. “Doesn’t sound very nice, and rather disrespectful.”

“You obtaining the Hallows released any aspect of mine that was bound. Should I choose to I could manifest in that dimension unfettered except by your will. So, Lucifer believes I am bound and plans to raise and bind me. The attempt will fail, simply because he’d be using the wrong ritual. However, it would probably clue him in that I’m already around somewhere.”

“He would try a summoning ritual,” Tom said.

“Yes. It occurred to me that we could arrive part way through that ritual, forcing it to abort, and catching him further off guard. Then we kill him.”

“. . .I have to assume there’s some trick to this.”

“Indeed, and this is where Gabriel comes in. One of the very few things which can kill an angel is an Archangel Blade. Lucifer is, naturally, an archangel. But then, so is Gabriel, and he retained his weapon, despite having buggered off to masquerade as a pagan god.”

Harry nodded slowly and exchanged a look with Tom, then said, “Just out of curiosity, what about the sucker who landed the role of world savior, because I know there has to be one. That’s how it works.”

Derek brought his laser pointer to bear on the screen again and it switched to show two young men. “The Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam. Dean is ‘destined’ to be Michael’s vessel and Sam is Lucifer’s. Supposedly accepting those roles will allow the big battle to play out and presumably Michael will win and it’ll be rainbows and kittens again.”

Tom snorted.

“But if we let it get to that point,” Harry said, “countless people will die, and quite possibly all of them.”

“My brothers even now are helping Lucifer to an extent. They don’t particularly like anyone but ourselves. They hold angels, demons, and humans all in the same contempt, or disdain. Killing off scores of them for Lucifer isn’t anything to get fussed about, basically.”

Harry frowned and looked at Derek with some uncertainty. “Did I change anything?”

Derek’s eyes glowed green. “I watched you for a very long time, master, ever since you inherited the Cloak, even though you had not yet touched it. I continued to watch as they came to you one by one, and after, and helped you to start over. I watched you again, until finally you said those words. Yes, you changed things. I was much like my brothers, before.”

A fond smile crept onto his face, then vanished into a gleeful grin. “Gabriel! Do you have any brothers you don’t particularly like?”

Gabriel blinked and stared at him. “Well, yes, but they are family.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Doesn’t mean they can’t be utter twats.”

“Well, Uriel has it in for the humans—had, I mean. He’s dead. Zachariah rates high on a scale of ‘torture the human’. He’s been pushing really hard for Dean to agree to be Michael’s vessel. If given the chance he would torture Dean to get what he wants. So, him, I suppose, since Dean is pretty damn stubborn on this issue.”

He nodded and turned to look at Tom, who nodded, obviously having some idea of what he was thinking. “Well. I suppose the first question is this. Derek, can my book affect an angel?”


“Is it powerful enough to force an Archangel Blade into the hands of someone who would normally never have one?”


“Or I could just steal an extra,” Gabriel said.

“Wouldn’t that place you in undue danger?”

Gabriel shrugged. “Possibly. But I am tricksy sort of fellow.”

Harry considered that and ultimately shook his head. “I’d rather not risk it. Are you all right with this, though? He is your brother—Lucifer, I mean.”

Gabriel shrugged again. “He is, and I care about him, even now. But I also know a lost cause when I see it.”

“Okay. Let’s hash out a game plan.”


Yuki waited, Cloaked, at the farm Lucifer planned to use for his ritual. For once Tom wasn’t with him. He honestly could not be certain that his partner’s protection would be enough, for Tom was not the Master of Death, and only augmented by proxy. Yuki could not be killed except by Death, and Death would never do that unless he relinquished the Hallows.

Lucifer finally arrived and brought with him a host of people. They all stood around simply staring as Lucifer wielded a shovel and started digging. Eventually Yuki spotted the Winchester brothers creeping up on the action and shot a listening charm over that way.

“Guess we know what happened to some of the townspeople,” Dean muttered.

“So,” Sam said roughly.


“Any last words?”

There was a long pause before Dean replied, “I think I’m good.” He brought a long-barreled gun into view.

‘The Colt,’ Derek supplied. ‘Created back in the 1800’s by a Samuel Colt. It can kill just about anything, even normally immortal creatures.’

‘Eh?’ he shot back nervously as Dean said, “Here goes nothing.”

‘Do not worry, master. It won’t hurt you any worse than the last gun.’

The Winchesters started to move, splitting up. Sam chambered a round in his gun, causing Lucifer to pause and look back over his shoulder. “You wanted to see me?” Sam said brusquely.

Lucifer stabbed the shovel into the ground and brushed his hands off, turning to face Sam. “Oh, Sam,” he said, gesturing toward the shotgun. “You don’t need that gun here. You know I’d never hurt you. Not really.” He smiled slightly.

Dean sneaked up from out of Lucifer’s range of vision and aimed the Colt at the vessel’s head. “Yeah?” he said. “Well I’d hurt you.” Dean cocked the gun. “So suck it.” He fired straight into Lucifer’s forehead and watched as the body dropped to the ground.

The brothers paused to take in the situation, noticing that the townspeople were still standing there, staring at nothing, and Dean looked back down at Lucifer, who sucked in air harshly. “Owwwwww,” Lucifer complained as he got back up and touched his head. “Where did you get that?” he asked in exasperation.

Dean’s face told a story of frantic thinking. Lucifer’s reply was to haul off and belt him in the face, knocking him a fair distance away to bounce off a tree. “Now,” Lucifer said, and smiled. “Where were we?”

Sam failed to respond verbally, too busy dividing his attention between Lucifer and his brother, so Lucifer said, “Don’t feel too bad, Sam. There’s only five things in all of Creation that gun can’t kill and, I just happen to be one of them. But if you give me a minute, I’m almost done.” He went back to digging and Sam edged over to check his brother’s pulse.

Lucifer paused again, leaning on his shovel, to ask, “You know, I don’t suppose you’d just say yes, right here and now? End this whole tiresome discussion? That’s crazy, right?”

Sam popped back up and took a defiant pose. “It’s never gonna happen.”

Lucifer smiled again. “Oh, I don’t know, Sam,” he said, starting to dig again. “I think it will. I think it’ll happen soon. Within six months. And I think it’ll happen in Detroit.”

“You listen to me, you son of a bitch. I’m gonna kill you myself.”

Yuki giggled quietly to himself.

“You understand me? I’m going to rip—”

“That’s good, Sam.”

“—your heart out.”

“You keep that fire in your belly. All that pent-up rage. I’m gonna need it.”

Sam looked around at the zombie-like people. “What did you do—what did you do to this town?”

“Oh, I was very generous with this town. One demon for every able-bodied man.”

“. . .And the rest of them?”

Lucifer paused again and pointed at the disturbed earth. “In there. Yeah, I know, it’s awful, but, these Horsemen are so demanding. So it was women and children first. . . . I know what you must think of me, Sam. But I have to do this. I have to. You of all people should understand.”

Sam looked offended. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I was a son. A brother,” he said, gesturing toward Dean. “Like you. A younger brother. And I had an older brother who I loved. Idolized, in fact. And one day I went to him, and I begged him to stand with me. And Michael . . . Michael turned on me. Called me a freak, a monster. And then he beat me down, all because I was different, because I had a mind of my own. Tell me something, Sam, any of this sound familiar? Anyway. . . . You’ll have to excuse me. Midnight is calling, and I have a ritual to finish. Don’t go anywhere. Not that you could if you would.”

Lucifer stood next to the hole he had dug and raised his hands up, and started chanting. Then he turned to face the demon-infested humans. “Now repeat after me.”

Yuki saw Dean finally wake up from his impromptu bashing and start to lift himself up.

“We offer up our lives, blood, souls—”

The townsfolk repeated his words in a monotone.

“—to complete this tribute.”

And again, but bodies began to be hit in the head with some magic as they said the last word and fall to the ground. Lucifer smiled slightly, then looked at Sam, doing a double-take at the man’s expression. “What? They’re just demons.”

He turned back to the hole, which was steadily growing larger as the ground shook. And then—nothing. “What in Hell?” Lucifer muttered. “Is Death already out?”

Dean and Sam went a bit bug-eyed.

Lucifer sighed and and went for the expected secondary: a summoning. What he got was not what he wanted.

Yuki arrived from a writhing mass of shadowy flame, sharply dressed in a blue-green silk kimono with exquisite embroidery. “Yare yare,” he said, borrowing from the older version of his alternate-dimension’s son. “Why does this happen every time I sit down to enjoy some really good yakiniku?” He glanced up at Lucifer and frowned. “Well, Tenshi-san, with whom do I have the dubious pleasure of speaking?”

Lucifer’s brow slowly went up in confusion. The Winchesters were not much better off; and neither was a quietly arriving Castiel. “There is no way you’re Death,” Lucifer stated.

Yuki rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically. “Oh, Tenshi-san, you’re so damn clever I can barely stand it. What gave me away? Was it my fashion sense? Because I know this really superior place in Tokyo that does custom work.” He fished some Pocky out of his kimono and started nibbling on one.

“Where is Death?” Lucifer demanded.

Yuki eyed him in disbelief. “Death is every—aa, so desu ka. Death is very busy, you know. He can’t be summoned by just anyone. That’s my prerogative. He was pretty happy when I busted him out a ways back.”

Dean brought the Colt up again and shot Yuki in the head. Yuki sighed, glanced up at the sky, and reached up to suck the bullet out of his head with his version of telekinesis. That went into his kimono.

‘Starting a collection, master?’

‘Eh, why not? I get shot often enough, after all.’ He looked over at Dean and said, “That was very rude of you, baka-hanta.”

“Not another one,” Dean groaned.

“We should talk about these anger management issues you seem to be having,” Yuki said seriously. “Most people don’t just shoot first and ask questions later. You act like the supernatural is your own personal shooting gallery.”

“Where is Death?” Lucifer demanded again.

Yuki eyed him and nodded slightly. “Aa, so desu ka. You’re that Lucifer fellow, Tenshi-san. Death mentioned you, but I don’t think I’ll be repeating what he had to say. Not word for word, anyway. So you want Death so you can use him to further your plans. No, no, I don’t think so. You don’t even have a good reason, I expect.”

Lucifer’s expression went from angrily frustrated to smiling and persuasive. “Oh, but I—well. May I know your name?” he asked, his hands twitching slightly.

“You may call me Hogo-sha,” he replied, then started in on another piece of Pocky.

“That is not a name,” Lucifer pointed out genially.

“But it suffices, does it not? My name is unimportant in the face of my role.”

“I know your true name,” Lucifer said, then displayed a horribly confused look on his face as Yuki started cycling between “true” identities at one per second.

“Do you? Honto?” he said, unimpressed, and secretly giggling. “Were you going to play some more, or were you going to explain your very personal and compelling need for Death’s power to me?” He reached for more Pocky and frowned. “Chikusho. Not only am I denied my meal, now I’m out of sweets.”

Lucifer pulled himself together and smiled. “I—”

“Hold that thought,” Yuki said, holding up one finger. A moment later a Reaper appeared holding a tray of dango. Yuki squealed happily and took it, then grabbed the first stick. “Arigato, Shinigami-san.”

“Death’s power will help me to reshape the world,” Lucifer said.

Yuki stared at him intently as he ate, barely keeping the surprise off his face when he realized he could see everything Lucifer was thinking. He let the tray hover next to him and fished out his book and a fountain pen. “Let me see. When does he potentially have free time. . . ?” After flipping through a few pages for show, he looked up and said, “I can put you in for next Tuesday, if you give me some idea of what he’d need to do.” The death itself was already written out and waiting; he just needed to put in the name.

Lucifer grimaced and came to a decision; he planned to accept the offer and see about binding Death then. “Yes, that would be fine.”

Yuki nodded and carefully wrote in Lucifer’s name. A split second later Zachariah teleported in behind Lucifer and stabbed him through the heart with an Archangel Blade, wrenching it around for maximum pain.

Lucifer let out a wet gurgle of agony and slid off the blade, his vessel disintegrating as it dropped. Team Hunter gawked at the sight, and Zachariah blinked in confusion.

“I guess Tenshi-san no longer needs the help of Death,” Harry said briskly and Cloaked himself. A second later the tray of dango disappeared. He wrote Zachariah’s name in next, and the angel promptly tripped while spinning around to confront Team Hunter, and impaled himself on the Archangel Blade.

Yuki laughed, the sound of it echoing around the clearing. “Don’t fuck with Death, people. Freakishly bizarre accidents have a way of happening when you do. Mwua ha ha.”