Grazhir :: Crossover :: FeS2: Add-Ons :: 02

02 Katekyo Hitman Reborn



“There's a new game we like to play, you see, a game with added reality.” — Depeche Mode, Master and Servant

Derek fiddled around with a screen on the wall and it was shortly thereafter that Harry observed an image of a woman with brown hair and eyes, Japanese if he was not mistaken. “Sawada Nana,” Derek said, “wife of Sawada Iemitsu, a member of the mafia, and mother of Sawada Tsunayoshi, incipient tenth mafia boss of the Vongola Famiglia.”

Harry scratched the side of his face in mild confusion. She looked tiny, harmless, and more than a little oblivious.

“She has no clue that her husband and son are involved in the mafia. For some reason, she has accepted her husband’s story that he’s involved in construction or digging for oil and continues to be very much in love with him, despite that he’s almost never home.”

“Okay,” he said slowly. “She’s going to be targeted?”

Derek nodded, using his laser pointer to indicate some of the text on the side of the image. “A criminal has set up shop nearby and will be having his minions attack certain specific civilians, even though his target is Tsunayoshi and his group, to lure them into position to be defeated and either killed or possessed. During these events Nana will be targeted, even though she was not actually on the list.”

The image changed to show two bald, grey-skinned men with deformed faces and, oddly enough, wearing green school uniforms. “One of these two will go after the mother as an opportunistic target. They are supposed to go after two girls friendly with Tsunayoshi. They are brutal serial killers.”

The image changed again, this time to show the two moving around. Harry’s stomach actually lurched and he aimed a grimace at Tom. The two killers squirmed and flailed around like some bizarre undersea creature best left at depths beyond the reach of mankind.

“And the effect on the boy or husband should the mother die?” Tom asked, his own expression being one of marked distaste.

“The husband would be devastated, but overall fine. As much as those two seem to be in love, it is in many ways a fantasy, based on the memory of what they began with rather than what they actually share at present. The son, however, would edge into your territory.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Harry complained.

Derek snorted softly. “The boy would go from being extremely reluctant to take on the role of Vongola Decimo to eager, for all the wrong reasons.”

“Eh, there are right reasons to be in the mafia?” he asked.

Derek somehow conveyed that he was rolling his eyes under that hood of his. “The Vongola Famiglia was originally a vigilante group created to protect the people. Unfortunately, the Vongola Secondo turned things toward violence and crime, which is part of why the boy is so reluctant. The influence of the famiglia is worldwide and they are the largest and strongest.”

“All right,” Tom said with a hint of impatience. “You want us to ensure that Sawada Nana survives the attempt, preferably unharmed, or is never in danger to begin with.”

“More or less. It would be detrimental for the boy to crack. He has the temperament to bring the Vongola back to its origins and thereby prevent all sorts of disadvantageous mayhem.”

Harry stared at the unsettling image as he tried to imagine how he could conceivably handle the situation. “Do these two have to survive?”

Derek shook his head. “They are incidental in the long run.”

“Any other factors we should be aware of before we hash out a game plan?”

“Ah, possibly, yes. There is another you in this location—called Namimori, by the way. He has recently moved there to start over, along with Neville and Luna. He opened a bakery.”

“Wow. I wouldn’t have thought a me would bake for a living,” he said in bemusement. “Is this a magic me or. . . ?”

“Magic, yes. And more, but I’ll let you find that out for yourself, should you decide to get nosy.”


They arrived well in advance of the action, mainly so that the two of them could have an actual holiday. He was in his Yuki disguise, and Tom was wearing his Viator face. The bakery Derek had mentioned turned out to be called Kidorui, which Yuki thought was strange until he caught a glimpse of that world’s Harry and brazenly rifled through the younger man’s mind.

‘So, this one calls himself Mori Hari.’

‘That seems in some way significant,’ Tom replied as they sauntered on into the bakery and started browsing the selection.

‘Oh yes. For one, Hari’s animagus form is a hedgehog, which explains the first name. The family name because he has that Dying Will Flames thing going on, Earth primary and Forest secondary, in addition to his magic. He went through a lot of changes once he defeated his dark lord and the unlocking of the flames was one thing.’

‘Let me guess,’ Tom sent with a touch of exasperation, ‘strange things began happening around him, so he fled the country, hoping to avoid being labeled as the next dark lord.’

Yuki snickered and selected a half dozen cannoli, while Tom predictably went for cherry Bakewell tarts, with hot chocolate for both of them.

Neville nodded and said, “Will there be anything else?”

Yuki shook his head. “No, no. To eat here, please.”

Neville busied himself with getting their order ready and Yuki watched as Hari emerged from what he presumed was the baking area long enough to whisper to Neville, “Both are first-time customers.”

Shortly thereafter they were seated at one of the tables—apparently first-time customers got some kind of discount on their order—and conversing in D’ni. The bakery itself showed a strong influence from Luna. Out of all the people in the UK only Neville (Kuma) and Luna (Tsuki) had fled with Hari, and Yuki was actually pleased that Luna was nowhere in evidence. If she was anything like his Luna. . . .

The floor was an encompassing mosaic of various stones. Jade, serpentine, turquoise, hematite, and more—all varieties of green and blue and brown against a pale background, to depict a massive tree. The walls were painted as a continuation of the floor design, and so very obviously Luna’s work.

«So, here’s the breakdown,» he said. «This Harry is nominally connected to the mafia because he was targeted for an experiment when he was all of twelve by one of the famiglias. Long story short, he found out after he arrived here that he has a five year old son, one Lambo Bovino.»

Tom arched a brow in understated surprise. «You are a singularity, I swear, in any dimension.»

Yuki pouted and busied himself with biting the end off one of his cannoli and glorying in its perfection before speaking again. «Anyway, he’s been made aware of the mafia, whether he likes it or not, and I suspect, given what I saw in his mind, that he’ll go a bit psychotic, at least for a little while.»

«And this son of his?»

«The boy’s mafia family more or less discarded him once they saw he was not a realization of the goals of their experiment. He’d been told that a hitman here had killed his father, so he ran away from home to come here and assassinate the fellow. But, he bumped into Hari and things escalated from there into Hari taking custody. The boy is nominally friends with our target’s son, and adores the target.»

Tom nodded and demolished another tart. «He cooks as well as you do.»

Yuki smiled, then looked toward the door as it opened. A small boy in a cow costume tumbled in and made a bee-line for the back, squealing the whole time. Hari emerged and swept the kid up.

“Lambo, what have I told you about running inside the shop?” Hari scolded gently.

The child’s extraordinarily green eyes watered, and he reached up to pull a little sculpture from his odd afro, knocking his bull horns askew, then offered it to Hari. “Lambo-san made this for you.”

Hari accepted the misshapen little thing and smiled, giving the child a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you. I will put it on display so everyone can see how clever you are. But that does not answer my question.”

Green eyes watered again. “Not to run?”

Hari nodded. “You know what this means.”

Lambo looked to Yuki as if he was about to burst into tears, but the child sniffled and composed himself. “Extra writing practice tonight.”

“Right. And I’m going to comb out your hair again. How you keep managing to get it to look like that is beyond me. It’s like magic.”

Neville snickered and quickly pretended to be checking the stock.

“But Lambo-san likes to store things in there!” the child protested.

Hari arched a brow and Lambo wilted a little. “You are much more handsome with your hair combed out.”

Lambo preened and planted a sloppy kiss on Hari’s cheek.

‘The fluff is killing me,’ Tom complained, taking a long sip from his hot chocolate.

‘Eh, I think it’s hilarious, but I don’t know that I could manage it.’

‘Pfft. You do wonderfully with Ciel. That boy looks up to you as a father, or big brother.’

Yuki rolled his eyes. ‘Yeah, yeah. I’m the personable one, I know.’

“So, let’s get you washed up,” Hari said, “some grapes for a snack, and then you can help me make some sweets. I’m sure Nana-san wouldn’t mind a thank you gift.”

Lambo squealed happily. “Lambo-san has the best father in the whole world!”

Hari chuckled and carried the boy into the back, a fond smile on his face.


While tossing ideas back and forth for how to handle the Bloody Twins, as they were called, the two of them went shopping. Tom had nipped into a bank in Tokyo to steal a goodly sum of money, so they were set for that, at least. Tom sighed in exasperation when Yuki bought up half a store’s worth of manga and light novels, though the Japanese cook books did not garner the same reaction.

“Dango is really tasty,” Yuki chirped. “I’ll have to try making some myself, but I don’t know if we grow the right kind of rice back home. Hm.”

Tom looked skyward for a moment. “Right. We can always acquire what we need before returning. I’m sure the workers can figure out how to grow the stuff. And then when we get enough people from this country they can manage it from there.”

“Glorious!” he said happily. ‘We do have all those Japanese house-elves, so we’ll get supplies and let them deal with it to start.’

Lambo went skittering by, squealing loudly, being chased by a small Chinese girl. For some odd reason, the girl’s forehead had symbols on it that reminded Yuki of Mahjong tiles. She was shrieking something incoherent as she latched onto Lambo; then she exploded.

Once the dust settled down Yuki could see an unharmed girl, with a decidedly worse-for-wear Lambo, sitting at the center of a small crater in the road.

‘These people are weird,’ he commented, then pouted when Tom just laughed at him.

‘He’s your biological son, what do you expect?’

‘I expect him to be chaos incarnate, actually,’ he replied, eyeing the two children as they got up and ran off in the direction of the Sawada house. “Well, time to do more shopping,” he declared and bounced off toward another shop.


Sawada Nana had just left the local grocers and was on her way home, burdened by several bags of food. But, given that she was having to feed a small army of children, it was not so surprising to see her buy so much food. Good thing her husband’s job paid so well.

A couple of streets away one of the Bloody Twins had noticed her and paused to take advantage of the situation. Tom was stalking the other Twin; Yuki had already written up the deaths, and it was just a matter of witnessing them unfold. There was something about the way they moved that had prompted one idea. For the other, something the Japanese loved.

Tom narrated the events of the first death to him, having already promised to share a memory. ‘The street here is fairly wet after that “unexpected” heavy rainstorm and there’s a good amount of water running along the sides and into the drains. The target is “eeling” toward my position—yes, there they are. Electric eels just slithered out of the sewer system and are both pretending to be boa constrictors and electrocuting the target. He’s shaking like a leaf in high wind and unable to rip free of them. Curiously—’

Yuki smirked at the tone of that word.

‘—there are no civilians anywhere near the water, but plenty of them watching in shock and disbelief. He’s down, no longer breathing. The eels have slithered back into a nearby drain.’

‘Glorious,’ he sent back. ‘I’m at the agreed-upon spot.’

‘I’ll be there in a moment.’ Tom appeared seconds later from around a corner, having used his pseudo-Cloak’s power and shifting to relocate efficiently. He held out a muggle soft drink to Yuki, as if he had just come from a shop.

Yuki took it and opened it, and took a sip, humming appreciatively. The rainstorm had washed everything clean and the area they were in sparkled in the emergent sunlight. It was a lovely day.

Just then a teen in a school uniform hastened by pushing a hand cart packed with small boxes. Nana came around the corner on her way home and crossed paths briefly with the student, who tripped, lost control of the cart, and face-planted. The cart rolled away with higher velocity due to the accidental push it had been given, and crashed into a lamp post, which groaned and started to topple. Apparently there was some unresolved instability in the fixture.

All the boxes on the cart flew into the air and landed around the Twin, causing him to pause long enough to not get hit by any of them, but in doing so missed noticing the pole’s descent. It crashed straight onto his head, caving it in and driving him to the ground. When the scene was examined later it would be revealed that the boxes contained corn flakes, intended for the student fund-raising booth trying to entice people to try certain aspects of American breakfast culture.

“Mwua ha ha,” Yuki muttered, then had some more of his drink.

Nana, of course, was long gone, having witnessed nothing, and was completely unharmed.


When they got back to Ophiuchus Derek popped in again, which was a bit surprising. “Master, due to the adjustment in that timeline, something of interest is going to happen.”

His brow went up questioningly.

“Your counterpart there is going to fall in love,” Derek said, causing the screen to appear with an image on it.

Tom burst out laughing. “There’s obviously a catch here, because I can’t believe any Harry would fall in love with a child! Not even one so stylishly dressed.”

Harry scowled.

Derek grinned under his hood, seeming to take far too much amusement in the situation. “Ah, well, the man in question is actually under a curse. His birth name is Renato Sinclair, but he goes by Reborn now. He and your counterpart will become a romantic couple, albeit somewhat awkwardly due to the circumstances.”

“Right,” he said a bit testily. “How do we come in again?”

“Everything will work out in the end in the sense that Reborn’s curse will be lifted. However, while that will allow him to age normally again, it will not revert him to his adult form. I’m asking if you’d like to meddle again when the time comes, to help Reborn, so that the two of them can, er, properly express themselves.”

Tom snorted and turned away, waving a hand around.

He sighed and nodded. “Yes. Of course I’d like to meddle. Why don’t you fill us in on the interim events?”